And now no communication


No Loafing
I seen my brother who I haven't seen in about 4yrs last week. He was supposed to have moved down here, but my Uncle changed his mind and said he could go back, talk about a let down. Anyway I got to spend at least a week with him. It was great to finally get to talk to him and everything and we really got to catch up on stuff and talk about old memories. Anywho when he went back to my Uncle's. My Uncle hasn't talked to me since when he was talking to me about every week. Plus its back to my brother not talking to me or anything. I try to keep in touch but it's like I get ignored. I honestly don't know whats the deal with this, but its just made me feel like I was used like a joke or something. Whats even more sad is that just to see that he's online I have to be on another screen name on ghost. Because if not, he'll just sign on and back off or go on ghost. I dont know whats the deal but I just had to get it off my back. Sorry for rambling. :(