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I can't believe this fucker. He needs to be dropkicked to hell.
A Priest Lake man killed his neighbor's 2-pound miniature Yorkshire terrier by kicking it into the air like a football, police said, and authorities have charged him with animal cruelty.

Jelani Lewis and Jessica McKenzie say they are outraged at the death of their 17-year-old pet, Gizmo. Lewis said he watched helplessly early yesterday as three men assaulted the dog the way football players kick field goals.

The dog was dead instantly when he hit the pavement. The man police say kicked him, Chad Daniel Crawford, 23, of the 1000 block of Long Hunter Lane is now charged with cruelty to animals and felony vandalism and was free yesterday after posting $25,000 bail, authorities said.

Reached by telephone at his home, Crawford said the accusations against him were false. He declined to comment further and said he was trying to contact his attorney.

''I didn't believe that they actually kicked my dog,'' Lewis, 29, said yesterday, standing in a parking lot at the Nashboro Village apartment complex, where dried blood puddles were still on the blacktop. ''When I saw him kick it, I was thinking, maybe for a second, 'No, that really isn't Gizmo he's kicking.' ''

One of the men ''with tattoos on both arms was holding the dog like a football,'' Lewis said. ''The other one backed up and kicked him … like a place kicker.''

Gizmo went flying into the air in a high arc. The man and two friends with him laughed, and then ran away, Lewis said. For a moment, Lewis stood still, his eyes following Gizmo's body until it smacked onto the pavement and then rolled a couple of feet beneath a parked car.

''There is an obvious question about the mental makeup of someone who would do a thing like this to a tiny animal,'' said Metro Animal Control Director Judy Ladebauche. ''This is heart-breaking. I've seen horrific things but not like this. I cannot imagine where someone's mind would be who would do something like this.''

Ladebauche said she would ask the Davidson County district attorney general and police officials to upgrade the charges against Crawford from animal cruelty to the state's newly created aggravated animal cruelty charge. A conviction under the new law can result in a court-ordered mental evaluation for the offender, and a second offense is a felony.

Crawford also is charged with felony vandalism, instead of misdemeanor vandalism, because Gizmo was worth about $1,500, according to court records. No one else has been charged in the case, according to a review of recent warrants.

A man who was with Crawford, identified as Michael Lee Davis, also told police that Crawford kicked the dog, according to arrest reports.

Police reports say Crawford, who lives about three blocks from Lewis, is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. Gizmo weighed about 2 pounds, Lewis said.



Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
That's one sick idiot.. I'd certainly go to that public hanging!


thats horrible

i've actually had daydreams about what i'd do to people if they ever messed with my dog
pre-teens used to mess with my dog sometimes by barking and taunting him just out of his reach on the leash
i yelled at them, but man how i wanted to do more
i have no idea how people can treat animals like that


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i don't think anyone could abuse my dog.He has a 10lbs head and chew's on copper pipe for fun-->He's dumb as a tree but what the hell ,a meat head is a meathead<---- :mfinger:

Captain 151

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hahahaha! as my old english teacher once noted,

"the only reason cats raise their backs when they are confronted is so you can kick them easier."


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Only weak people do shit like that to animal's.I agree with jason a public hanging is the answer or maybe a good stoning :mfinger:


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God damn! I cannot believe anyone would do something that mean, that dude was right it probably actually is because he is weak. Maybe somebody picked on him, but that gives him no right to take it out on a 2 pound dog! I had this kickass bird once, but when people messed with it, well, it could defend itself. This kid kept doing slow motion punches on it and eventually Katie (my bird) got tired of it, and bit his knuckle and he had to go to the nurse (it was at this show-everyone-your-pets-if-their-small-enough day). I only had to defend her once against a cat, I just poked it with a stick and it left. Katie was so awsome until she caught a lung disease from another animal at the vet during her checkup. Poor birdy, bird have weak lungs, she died shortly after she had plucked out all of her feathers, god damn doctors don't know how to diagnose birds early on yet. If only we had the technology...


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I think they should suffer the same as the dog did, just with baseball bats and golf shoes(lotsa spikes). Kicked in the air, hit with baseball bats...I would hava enjoyed doing that, considering what they have done. Psycothic, motherfucking pussies, I agree with biker, why couldn't they just have found a midget...


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nice put shepp

shep said:
Only weak people do shit like that to animal's.I agree with jason a public hanging is the answer or maybe a good stoning :mfinger:

hang the basterds.......... :sword: :gun: