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Headlines Animal/child cruelty


Resident Conservative
Social Services Commissioner Michael Weiner held an emergency meeting Monday afternoon to determine what happened to two children who apparently were underfed and left in a trash-filled home alone for long periods of time with more than 30 cats.
The mother is expected to be charged with cruelty to animals for failing to provide her cats food, water or fresh air. But both county and city police officials said it doesn't appear likely the mother will be criminally charged with improper child care.
PETA is prolly applauding this decision...


Oppressing your posts...
doesnt surprise me.. soon it'll be a harsher punishment to kill a dog then a person..


Chaotic Neutral
Darklight said:
doesnt surprise me.. soon it'll be a harsher punishment to kill a dog then a person..
Humm, no.

Anyways, don't blame the PETA, blame the stupid laws.
This sounds like an excellent opportunity for some vigilante justice....

Maybe I can get away with feeding Mommy Dearest to the cats, and PETA can't bitch, cuz I was ensuring the kitties were well fed.
This doesn't surprise me at all either. It seems that for some people it's just easier to feel sorry for animals than humans.

Where I work we have these two donation cans by the registers. One is for like abused kids or something and the other is for abandoned dogs that need homes. The dog's picture looks so much worse. Head is hanging low, sad eyes, and ribs and other bones are showing. The one for the kids shows a little girl playing with a toy and perhaps a smudge on her face. Needless to say, the one with the dog has like 10 times the change in it, even dollar bills.

I'll admit that I've put change in for the doggy and not the kiddy eventhough that dog was probably put to sleep anyway. Just seems sadder to me.


College Punk
man i hope they don't come out to west plains missiouri there is like 10 dogs shot every day off the porches of hill billy's. and when ever a mobile home collapse's you know 5-10 dogs just died.
Wow, that's messed up. I mean, good that they're going to punish the lady for mistreatment of animals, but they should definetly get her for the child abuse too. I knew our justice system was messed up, but I didn't know it was THAT messed up.