Another pointless parental rant


Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind
So I wake up this morning around 7:30am and wait for my father to leave his room. He's gotta be to work at 11pm, but leaves two hours early to go to the gym, then the longass ride to work. I was waiting for him, because I'm stuck as the middle man, between him and my mother, to deliver messages to one another about taxes. So he finally emerges and gives me my mom's W2's, so I can go deliver them to her. Thirty minutes pass and we discuss a couple of things. First thing being, taxes, nothing important. Second, I ask him if one of my five dogs can roam the house, if a dog-diaper was bought for him. (Story behind the dogs: click ) He said no. I said, not even with the diaper that is specifically made for him? He said, "get rid of the damn thing." I said, negative. He said, "well those are your only two options, keep him in there or get rid of him." He said that as he was walking out of the door to work, and followed it with a prompt slamming of the door. Then I notice that my mother's W2's aren't where I placed them. So I go out to his truck and question him. Right before I asked him if the dog could roam the house, I saw him pick something up in the area I placed them, and put them in his little folder thing. So I'm at his truck and I ask him if he took it. He said, "No, I just gave it to you." He told me to go check inside one more time before he left. I checked, and as I expected... nothing. So I go outside and tell him the great news. He then says, "I just FUCKING GAVE THE DAMN THING TO YOU." Ok, Mr. "Christian," they are not where I placed them, and I saw you pick something up. He then goes inside and checks for himself. After half a minute of throwing everything around, he goes back to his truck and returns with the W2's he had given me earlier. He throws them at me, says, "HERE" and leaves. Gee, thanks for the apology, asshole.
Before I moved 600 miles away, his behavior was like this all the time. After two years of living away, I unfortunately had to return. His behavior has significantly changed... but only on select days. So now I have to observe him, before speaking to him, so I know what kind of mood he's in today.
Lately the old him has been showing through, brighter than ever.

I need a job. :thumbsup:

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I hate the selective days, You know the days that you wake up and say something pleasant and WAM! It's a bad day for the father.
But oh well, I guess all we can do is abide by them as far as we can, Hopefully it will get better for you. And you will be able to move back out again.
There comes a time when parents and children need to separate for awhile.
But I guess we only have one mum and dad.