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Another psycho customer (sorta long)

Yesterday, the desk manager cancelled some woman's reservation cause her card was no good.

Fast forward to four hours later. The woman calls to check up on her reservation. Well, since the desk manager had cancelled it, the room was sold. When I told her this she completely flipped out. I mean, she was literally screaming and growling at the top of her lungs. Ho. Lee. Shit. Never in my life have I had a stranger scream at me like she did.

I'll admit it: I was kind of scared. Seriously, this story doesn't come close to accurately conveying even half of how insane this woman is! I didn't know what she was gonna do, so I called the desk manager and asked him to come back up. He said okay, and told me if the woman got here before me and she couldn't calm down not to put up with it.

Luckily, they arrived at the exact same time. At first she was calm. Then once the manager told her we didn't have the same room, she. went. to. town. She was screaming at him to "just give (me) a fucking room!!!!!" She was sobbing, cursing, growling........pounding her fists on the desk. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. She caused a huge scene. Her husband was a straight fuckin dick. And the desk manager still let them stay!

I could not believe he accommodated them. That sort of behavior should not be permitted. Ever. That's why people act that way towards retail, hotel, and food workers these days. Cause they can! They know the squeakiest wheel always gets the oil. It's such fuckin bullshit.

Then today, the asshole husband came down to the lobby.....alone....just wandering around. He didn't see me behind the desk at first. He paused near the TV and let out this unholy fart! OMG!! It was thunderous! One of those long, rolling ones. EWWWWW. I couldn't believe. Fucking retard.

Ah......just another exciting weekend at work. :mfinger:


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
HOLEY SHIT. I'm so sorry for ya hun. As you know we share an occupation, and I've had some winners, but damn. They got to stay?!?!?!?!?! FUCK THAT. Luckily if someone freaked out like that I have the authority to fucking boot them. I don't care if they are in a room already, if they freak, they get kicked the fuck out No Refund.

Wow that sucks. :thumbsdn:


Man that must have sucked. If it is hotel policy it's hotel policy. So she shouldn't of fucked with you guys. And than the guy farts right in front of you. Shows how much manners he has.


It's stories like that, that make me happy. I'm so glad that municipal water companies aren't a part of the service industry field. :D

If not for the absurdity of the situation, this would almost be funny. Almost.

Psycho bitch ended up sending a letter to the hotel, praising the desk manager for helping her in her "time of need" (hurl). Fucking shit. He upgraded her to a different room, which I had offered to do for her during the initial phone call that day. I offer her a different room and it's not good enough. It means nothing. The desk manager does it, and he's a saint. What the SHIT!? :mfinger:

The craziest part? The general manger made a copy of the letter and posted it on the bulletin board. And she wrote on it: "See what happens when you put forth something!"

Pfft! Kiss. my. ass. If standing there with smile plastered on my face while some psychotic asscock screams at me like I'm a piece of shit is what she considers "putting forth something", she's in for some serious fucking disappointment. That woman shouldn't have even been allowed to stay here after the crap she pulled.
I HATE people that ask to speak to a supervisor like I don't know how to do my job. Then the supe tells them the same exact thing but somehow the accept the answer the second time. Like somehow the supervisor is going to be able to change the facts of the situation to get a different outcome. People these days have no common courtesy when it comes to dealing with anyone in the service industry. :mfinger: :mfinger: to the lady for yelling at you, and to asshole customers in general.
Darklight said:
people suck.. as is why im not in customer service anymore...

Eureka!! I found something that may help us understand why these people are such whack-jobs. Digging through the guest lost and found box a few minutes ago, I happened upon this book.

Hmmm. Methinks someone lost more than just their book.....


Soul Doubt
heh, the best thing to do in situations like that is just to stay calm. Don't even care that they're screaming at the top of their lungs... Make them seem like they're wasting their time.

"there's nothing I can do"
"I gave you options on the phone, there's nothing I can do"
"He's on his way, I already called him to deal with your unsuitable manners for our establishment"

;) Using large words with customers ALWAYS calms them down, or makes them leave in a sobbing mess because they're angry that you seem smarter than them, since all they want to do is be better than you...

Another thing...
"Time of need"
"Faulty Card"

She tried to rip you guys off?
Boycott said:
Another thing...
"Time of need"
"Faulty Card"

She tried to rip you guys off?
No, she didn't try to rip us off. What happened was she reserved the room with a credit card. Every day we go through the reservations and try to get approvals on the guests cards before they get here. If the card declines, we usually cancel their reservation because if they don't show up, we lose money. Apparently this nitwit's husband lost the card she had used to hold her room. She reported it as lost, so of course we couldn't get an approval on it. So we cancelled her reservation.

And as far as her "time of need"--she's just a psycho. We had a room available for her but she flipped out anyway.


~Broken Angel~
Wow. This sounds like an act my mother would put on. Everyone's right tho, she shouldn't have been able to stay. I would have called the cops if she was that loud and cussing. That's abuse. :confuse:


Oppressing your posts...
when I was working at a gas station as an attendant(NJ is full serve only), some lady came in and asked me if I knew how to get to Atlantic city... so I told her the only way i could think of at the moment was rt 42 to the AC expressway... most direct route.. so she asked me if there was any other ways.. i said I cant think of any, and she got all pissy and said in a bad mannered way "dont you think working at a gas station, you should know directions?" so I told her "No ma'am I should know how to pump gas". she started on something like "well I think.." and I cut her off and told her "I think you should leave" and walked away... that made me happy... it was a good job cause after the manager left for the day, we could do whatever we wanted..
Darklight said:
. she started on something like "well I think.." and I cut her off and told her "I think you should leave" and walked away... that made me happy... it was a good job cause after the manager left for the day, we could do whatever we wanted..
That is so freakin awesome. I think there should be one day of the year where you could tell customers whatever you wanted without fear of retribution. "No you fucking idiot! I SAID RIGHT CLICK!" :bonk: