Another sweet fight thread from tbsrk

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Well, here we go again. (this story is 100% true, although it may sound fantastical)

So, it is about 2 or 230 AM and me and my little are walking down main street, sufficiently drunk. We're foolin around, and we stop in a local pizza shop to get some pizza.

Before we order, a group of kids outside yell "Omega sucks!!" I shrug it off, but my little doesn't take too kindly to it. he bolts outside, demanding an apology. Of course, the group of kids dont give it to him, and one of them shoves him.

Oh no, I wont have that. I abandon the thought of pizza and walk outside. The group of kids and my little are still arguing. Then they shove him again. I try to jump into the middle to break it up (nobody wants a fight in the middle of public on main street), but its to no avail.

Two of the kids in the group pick up my little and throw him through a store front window. as soon as the glass shattered, the fight was over and we all bolted away.

And thus concludes another drunken college brawl. Have a nice night.


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Is your bro alright?

Shit. What school do you go to where everyone fights?


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Too bad that wasn't a fiberglass window. Just watch your bro bounce back and land on those kids.


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dude, i would have run but got one of the kids by the neck (preferably the kids that threw your bro through the window) and then taken them to a back alley and beat the shit out of them. I think it was probably the best decision to run away though. Vandilization is no laughing matter when the authorities are involved.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
I go to SUNY Geneseo in north-western New York, about 45 minutes from Buffalo/Niagara Falls.

I havn't talked to him since last night... I wonder how he's doing. :D