Anti commercials: the Mauling Bear


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This idea I owe in part to some of my creative friends, but I think what we need on tv is a new series of anti-commercials, where any time there is a commercial that sucks ass, it can be voted to recieve the Mauling Bear(tm). This is where the commercial is reshot, except this time with a huge fucking bear that tears through and gores the shit out of everybody. So for all those shitty tampon commercials, cell phone spokespeople (can you hear me now bitch?), that new shitty 7up guy...Carrot Top, they can all be ripped to shreds for our enjoyment. And for those extra shitty commercials, you can vote for it to recieve the Gianter Mauling Bear, because for some commercials, you just need a bigger bear. So for this thread, feel free to agree or disagree, but also feel free to post any commercials (or specific people in the commercials) that you would nominate to recieve the Mauling Bear.


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GottaHurt said:
Uh, wrong hole. :cool:

LMAO...hehe...Anyway, that would be very good...I like the mauling bear, let him loose in the Teletubbie thing, who said violence wouldn't make the world a better place...?