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any other aquarists?


Resident Conservative
No I don't care about your astrological sign...
are there any other members here that keep fish as pets... I am what you may call a fish geek...
I have :
1 10" Jaguar Cichlid
1 9" Green Terror
1 7" Oscar
2 Plecos 12" and 8"
1 Kennyi 4"
1 Misc. African Cichlid 3"
2 Pictus catfish 4"
1 Bluegill 5"
2 ottos 1"
5 Bumble bee Gobies 1.5"
and my favorite is my
8 inch Fahaka Puffer...

you all may be laughin and calling me a geek but if you came over to my house I would put money on you asking me to throw some more feeder fish in for my cichlids to eat... or a crayfish for the puffer...


Hella Constipated
I always thought fish were cool...I used to have some goldfish, then some painted glassfish. I proceeded to catch wild toads and keep them as pets after that.

I'm more of a furry rodent/cat kind of guy myself...


I really did.
I used to have a salt water tank, but my dad took care of it cuz I really don't know anything about it. But we had a puffer, a tube worm, some coral, I had this blue and black fish with a little yellow, but it never came out. We used to have a 55 gallon tank, and then it switched to a 20 gallon.
I myself like turtles.


Banned - What an Asshat!
I had a couple goldfish. But my son ate them, so I dont know why I am posting. I just wanted to be part of the convesation. :cool: