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Anybody here ever drink Orange Vanilla Coke?


Funny to see this here from you today. I went to my usual gas station this morning to gas up. I wanted one of them Kombucha drinks. I went in looking for one and they didn't have any. During that search though, I saw the Orange Vanilla Coke and thought to myself, "WTF...we got Orange Vanilla Coke but no Kombucha!???"

Anyway, I really enjoyed vanilla coke in my first year of high school just before I stopped drinking soda all together, but I can't imagine orange vanilla being tasty. In fact, I picture the experience being what Brit said.
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I wanted one of them Kombucha drinks

@ib4 Make your own Kombucha. Buying kombucha is settling for less. it's as easy as sun tea - although it does take a couple of weeks to get the cycle started.
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I have always thought vanilla coke to be sickly and avoid it like the plague, I have never heard of such thing as orange vanilla coke, it sounds like they tried to make it worse than before which is quite an achievement. I prefer a regular coke with ice and a slice of lemon and/or lime


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Its OK, but not something I'd have often at all.

I prefer 75% vanilla sprite and 25% orange sprite from the Freestyle machines myself. :)
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The Pizza-Slinger
Pretty sure it also rots your stomach and turns your teeth yellow.
Pretty sure you are wrong
Right and wrong. Soda can make your teeth yellow.... eventually. But any sugary substance has the same chance of doing this as any soda. All the studies that I've seen over the years from companies that hold any validity, all show tooth decay happens through two factors, lack of maintenance and excessive use. See, soda generally contains citric and phosphoric acids that can attack the teeth. However, the concentration of said acids are so low, you are usually capable of being kept from any real harm. Also, a lot of people discount the bodies own enamel coating and the ameliorating (to make better or more tolerable), effects of our own saliva.

So in short, if you're having one or maybe two sodas a day AND you're properly brushing your teeth twice a day, you should make out just fine. However , if you're chugging a six pack while chasing down a box of Twinkies... it might very well be time for an intervention.

As far as the rotting of the stomach and diet soda goes, the jury is kinda in and out on that one. But once again, the studies show that it's excessive use that has a possibility of making this happen.

In my honest opinion... just keep yourself healthy and you won't have to worry about diet anything.
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