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Apocalypse of Heaven


Banned - What an Asshat!
Apocalypse of Heaven

Heaven was a place of holiness and glory. A perfect place, where the rivers ran cold and clear, the fish were plentiful, and children basked in the golden sunlight. There was always laughter, and singing of such beauty that it can not be expressed in human words. Here, above the realm of man, the Angel Ruth looked upon the earth, and was saddened. "How," She had asked Peter, Keeper of the Gates, "Can He see the suffering, and not act upon it?"

"He can not, for He has given His promise to the Son, that His vengeance and anger will pass by, not touching upon the human world. This was the Will, the Way, the Word." Peter replied. He had grown fond of Ruth, she was very much unlike the others. While she heard the song, she questioned it even still.

"Why should I live in beauty and glory of Him, while they die at the hands of demons?"

"That is the Way, and not for you or I to dispute."

Ruth gave him a flat look, her hair as black as the darkest night flowing around her white and golden robes. She turned her back on him, and was struck by voices from below. Voices of pain and suffering, sounds of horror that the heavenly song did not wash away, as it did for some.

"Do you hear them, Peter? Do you hear them begging of us, crying of us?"

Peter shook his head. He could not hear them, there was nothing for the man who had walked beside Jesus other than the song, and it was a sweet one at that.

A tear, small and pearly, fell from the Angel Ruth's dark eyes, and landed on the silver clouds. It made a ripple against the soft heavenly floor, a ripple that grew and rang and tolled with a song of its own. Ruth fell into the ripple, whether by purpose or accident was only known to Him, but in His plan, all things are purposely done. There were no accidents of Chaos, and even as Ruth disobeyed the greatest rule of the heavens by her questions, He smiled upon her, because she did question. This was His Champion.

She flew down to the mortal plane, her wings burning with the heat of the atmosphere, her skin taunt and stinging. Ruth's hair singed, and her wings became black from soot. As she fell, the moon rose behind her, the burning Angel illuminated beneath its grace, her skin white and silver against the flames. She fell against the earth, her angelic breath plunged from her pale bosom, her face torn by the rocks and trees as she came down from the sky.




Ruth had never felt pain, and though it made her want to scream, she was glad for it. She was on the mortal plane, on Earth, but no longer as she had been in Heaven. Different now, her skin white and streaked with red, her black eyes wide and lips thinly pale, the fallen angel stood, ever so slowly. The angel stood, shakily, and meant to ruffle her wings. She cried out as they folded around her, black now and no longer white as they had been under the grace of God.

A raven came, and in its beak an olive branch. It was a message, Ruth knew this message, from the time she was an infant she had dreamt of the raven and branch. She would find her peace on Earth, if she could, because there had been none for her in Heaven. Swiftly she traveled in silence, the lone raven by her side, leading her to unknown places. The dark raven soothed her sudden emptiness, her pain, taking it and making it his own. The fallen spirit glided across the Earth, and sought out the darkness.

And darkness did come, it had already been a part of her, it came in the form of a child, no more than a boy of ten, standing alone on a coastal cliff, brightened by the silvery moon.

"You have come for he who hides within, come to destroy him." The boy said, his eyes the color of fire, his tender skin the glistened of frost and ice.

"I have come to destroy the hidden, to thwart him." Ruth spoke, and winced. The pain had grown, especially in her torn hands and face.

The boy laughed at her, and from his mouth flies flew out. "Did you think to fall from His grace, and not feel pain? I have seen you before, met you before, killed you before. This has all been done before, my cherry, done and you lost, and you will lose again."

"You tell a lie, child." Ruth said, anger wavering in her voice. She doubled over from the hurt, and landed unconsciously upon the rocky cliff's edge.

The boy smiled, knowing that this was just as well, and bent over the fallen angel. Darkness crept across her, caressed her and kissed her brow, it flew from the boys mouth and eyes, blacker even than the night, even than the angels sooty wings. He lifted a bloody mouth to the heavens, and his evil laughter filled the sky. "Again, I will best You. Again, You send a child to do a man's work. Again, I will hold the Earth, and again, You fail." The words carried up from the cliff's edge, up and around the moon and beyond the stars, they carried themselves to a place of peace, and shook the foundations of Heaven.

Ruth could feel the change when she awoke. The Song was gone from her, and in its place was only darkness. It breathed within her soul where love once did the same, the darkness sought the most inner secrets of her being and covered the peace with anguish, love with vengeance, and holiness with the unholy. Tears fell from her face, black diamonds that pained her as they left her eyes. They fell, crashing and shattering on the ground, promises unfulfilled.

Such was her dark beauty that the stars fell from heaven to caress her gown, the moon itself crowned her shiny black hair, and the ravens shed their feathers for her wings. Creatures of darkness fell in worship of her, bowing low to the sulfuric floor. Around her, the fires burned brighter, the shadows became darker, and the sun held no glow. She was a daughter of the night now, a child fallen from heaven's grace, fallen to something between mortality and immortality.

She slept now, the angel of light once called Ruth, slept hidden from His grace, she slept and breathed out the darkness, hidden from the light of her birth. The dreams of men came to her, torturous to her fleeting soul. The wolves howled for her spirit, their song sad and wanting for her.

She woke, and was nothing like she was born. Ruth awoke, an angel of His grace no longer. The boy laughed with glee, his small hands clapping and his horned head bobbing.

"Good morning Mother." He said, and ran to her arms.
I read it, and think its good. I do have some critiques but sadly no time currently. I'll get back with those soon. Just wanted to let you know it was a good read...thus far.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Taylor_Blade said:
I read it, and think its good. I do have some critiques but sadly no time currently. I'll get back with those soon. Just wanted to let you know it was a good read...thus far.

Thanks. I kind of got to this point and was bored with it. I do that a lot. I know it needs some clean up. :D