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Are Humans Inherently Evil?


I thought it would be interesting to see the varying opinions to the above question.

I came across this fascinating blog a while back where the writer poses the notion that evilness essentially arises (almost entirely) when one's basic right to life is being challenged. He even goes so far as to say things such as taxes, that directly take money (i.e. the main resource for survival in the western world) from citizens, can result in a dysfunctional human; that then engages in evil-doings or just takes on a general negative disposition.

I don't know that I'm fully on board with such a concept. It seems to inadvertently take blame off the person doing bad shit. But I think he makes some pretty fantastic points in his post and I was hoping to hear other opinions on the subject, as I'm always eager to learn.

Do you think humans are inherently evil, and, perhaps, kept in order solely via societal expectations, law & order, religion, etc.?

if sofatyrant can ask the most random questions ever conjured up, surely this is acceptable too. :colbert:


Fresh Meat
Humans are neither inherently evil or good. We, like all other animals, are wired for survival, or more accurately, the survival of our ginetics. This is why parents are wired to care for children. I believe jay there is no such thing as care or love. Care is just a virtue that we ourselves have created to show our inherintness to make alliances with other human beings for survival. This again is another program wired by evolution for survival. Love is just a chemical released in the human mind to show the brain that the other person has desirable traits for offspring. That's it. A chemical. This is true for joy, sadness, anger, and every other emotion. They are all just chemicals. Humans do not truely love or care, they just survive.


No I believe we are inclined to be good, when we are good we feel good, when you are evil you are hurting yourself most of all, you can never laugh or love again... truly and something dies inside you and you are damned.

Also taters to love being a chemical, I don't turn to stare at a beautiful woman's bottom because I think she could carry my offspring... I don't love because a chemical in my brain tells me to love, there might be a chemical reaction sure but it's catalyst is love, that comes first, the same with joy sadness and anger.

I'm not a fauna!