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Arn't there like some unwriten rules about roomates and crushes?

Get this, I met this guy at college, and i really liked him. We started hanging out all the time, and then he started spending the night with me more often than not (as purely a friend thing, with full cuddling privilages, one night there was some heavy touching involved even). My roommate knew I really liked him. Then all of a sudden, he migrates from my bed to hers, with no warning. They're always hanging out, and when the three of us are in the room I feel like I'm virtually invisible. He and I were like best friends we told each other everything. He knew I liked him but we were both okay with it because neither of us are looking for a relationship right now "or so he says". So, I tried to tell him hwo it made me feel when all of a sudden they were cuddling all the time and acting even more like a couple than we had. IN ONE FRICKIN DAY! When I tried to tell him I felt like we were drifting apart and I was kinda upset, he didn't even seem to care. What is up with that?! I talked to my roommate about it a different time, and she acted the same way. Shouldn't a roommate you suposedly get along with respect your feelings and not do stupid things that bother you. SHE HAS A FRICKIN BOYFRIEND! I just broke off an extreamly seriouse long term relationship about a month ago. They say they care about me, then why don't they show it?! I just pisses me off so bad!!!:mad:


If you both recognised that you were not looking for a relationship, then I don't quite understand why you have such a big problem with this.

Apart from that, you said you've told him how you feel about it, and you've seen his reaction. Maybe you wern't as close as you thought you were, maybe he simply views that it's ok because you both agreed on not having a relationship atm. As a friend, all you can really do is tell him how your feeling, and go off that.

He gets to make his own decisions, as do you. Looks like he made one.

Hope everything works out for you. :)

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I think you wanted a relationship with him, but didn't quite realise this.

Otherwise you wouldn't be so pissed. ;)


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She's probably putting out, and in college, that's close enough to a relationship for most. Don't fret, there's more fish in the sea, and a few of them might like you for more than sex someday!

"Let's be friends" is Code for "I don't find you attactive enough to bone, currently, probably ever."


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I'm sure he told you he wasn't looking for a relationship AFTER you told him that.

A guy is always looking for some kind of a "relationship", and since he wasn't getting anywhere with you, well, he's gonna see what the other has to offer.

But, as was said earlier, you "both" said you weren't looking for a realtionship. hmmm. Looks to me like he wanted more and now you are jealous. Make up your mind.

Maybe all three of you can "cuddle" together.

Don't listen to this drunk. I'm not even sure if I made any sense. :p


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CopyLifted said:
But, as was said earlier, you "both" said you weren't looking for a realtionship. hmmm. Looks to me like he wanted more and now you are jealous. Make up your mind.
i think that sums it up.


The college right? Dorm party. Lots of people hanging out, getting drunk, you'll either end up in bed with him or someone else. It's all good!



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that guys all over your house like stink on shit. You guys were just using each other to make each other feel secure. I will never know why some people need that to live. People need to learn to be alone a bit, if you can't make yourself happy how are you going to make anyone else happy. But keeping hangout and caring about him he's a cool guy. Why does logic miss so many. Do back to him what he did to you, forget about it and make like nothing happened. Then go fuck his roomate if you really want to piss him off.

Edit: sorry this is harsh I am having a bad day.