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::As I Wave Goodbye To Tragity::

This little vile
Blackest potion
To banish the pain
All the pain I feel
All because you love him
To give in and forget
What I feel for you
All the pain you bring
To take the easy way out
The quitter’s way
To forget your face
To forget you laughter
To take the poison
The killer of pain
To do or not to do
To banish my love
Or to stand in the dark
Just waiting for you
Though all the pain
Waiting for you to see


Chaotic Smacktard
from this i gather the person is contemplating suicide as the easy way becasue the one they love loves another?
btw, coo :thumbsup:


The Iron Lung
i hate to bring this up because the poem wasnt that bad spelled tragedy wrong...other than that not bad...the last few lines were good.