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Asshole Customers

Do these people need to be locked into a port-a-potty and set ablaze?

  • Burn baby,burn

    Votes: 24 80.0%
  • No, I'm one of these shitheads!

    Votes: 6 20.0%

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I'm a busser, at a restuarant that shall remain nameless, tryin' to work my way through school. Throughout my last year of working here I have dealt with some aggrevating shit, but one thing that really gets to me is people who sit in the fuckin' smoking section and then complain about the smoke. What the fuck is the matter with these people?!?! If all you have time to do is complain to me about a situation that you got yourself into, . . . shut the fuck up!!! :mad: I was bussing a table tonight in the smoking section and the man sitting at the table asked me to take the ashtray from the table. I politely informed him that I'm not allowed to take it away and that I must leave it for the next occuapants of the booth and as I slid the ashtray back onto the table after cleaning it, he snatched it from my hand and threw it in my bus tub and said in a shittier tone, "You can take the ashtray!" I wanted to say "I can break it over your fuckin' head too", but that would have resulted in my ultimate dismissal from the job. What the hell am I supposed to do with these kinds of people?!?! :confused: I know this is kind of petty shit to bitch about, but if any of you had been me, it'd piss you off too! lol Who is with me that these types of people need to be penciled in for a sudden, unexpected visit from the angel of death???


Drummer Pride!!!
It peps like you that are causing companys to fire people such as ur self over lack of costumer service so..

Nemesis said:
It peps like you that are causing companys to fire people such as ur self over lack of costumer service so..

Hey man! Relax! First of all, I'm not a "pep" so fuckin' don't call me one. I know what customer service is and I'm pretty god damn good about it! It's the lack of respect from other people towards employees of these types of places. If you want an employee of a business to be your bitch or suck your dick, go somewhere that offers that on the fuckin' menu pal! Take a pill and sleep on it! ;)


Hooked on Rocks!
Nemesis said:
It peps like you that are causing companys to fire people such as ur self over lack of costumer service so..

FUCK YOU :lol:

Next time U say "Sir would you kindly step out of the booth you are the lucky winner of a free desert". When Asshole does this "WAM" bust him in his fuckin jaw (with the ash tray) then shove it up his ass...Then say "you bitch ass cocksucker don't let your son/daughter end up like U"..

Now thats some customer service for ya Fuckers.. :rant:


Banned - What an Asshat!
Your Right, There are ASSHOLE Customers

I also have a job working at a resturant. I am with you on asshole customers. I mean here I am I have to seat people, wait on people, and bust thier fucking tables :mad: . All I get from those fucks are angry complaints from the place, how the food tastes, how its not cooked right as if I work in the kitchen and deal with that. And not to mention, the steak is the way they wanted cooked, so why complain to me? DumbFucks. When I get a better job, the next time my last customer complains, I am going to tell them to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, then I am going to tell the manager to Kiss my fucking white ass and tell him to fuck off :mfinger: because I quit.


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i deal with assholes too...on the phone tho..and no i dont call them...they call me..i do tech support over the phone...people call and bitch about everything....ive got the whole patience thing down...but sometimes these assholes complain about shit they fucked up..blaming everyone about everything...when in reality if they sat down and thougth about what they did...they would be able to resolve their own problems...its everyone elses fault but theirs they cant type in their usernames and passwords correctly...i understand that thats what im getting paid help customers over the phone...but it sucks when you try and help someone and they cuss you out n shit .....its funny when they try and tell me how to do my job all those assholes a hefty :mfinger: from a member...


I really did.
It all depends on if the employee is being an asshole. My dad is a big dumb ass when it comes to social situations like that, and he has no control or common sense. I am embarrassed to go out with him sometimes.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Unforgiven said:
one thing i love about my job...

i don't have to deal with people.
I love my job because its over the phone. If anyone said half the shit my customers said, I would pound thier head into a wall.

I hate and I mean HATE stupid and rude people, not just at work, but anywhere.