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at the movies


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I hate those fucks that arrive to a show late and expect people to move so they can sit thier family of four togeather. How about this, plan ahead, be on time and get the seats you want. Do not expect those around you to feel your pain and try to help you out.


Ha! That's nothing. My fav are the ones with the cellphones. It rings, they pick up and they're all "Sorry I can't talk right now I'm at the movies." Why can't they just say that in their voicemail messgae. "Hi, it's Tim, can't talk right now 'cause I'm at the movies."

Very simple.


Or the one were they kick you in the head with their feet and when a 6' person sits right in front of a baby or a little kid. Especially the person who talks through out the whole movie asking questions and talking about shit that has nothing to do with the movie. :thumbsdn:


Yeah I hate the talking shit.

Well, there was this one time, when that last Halloween came out with Jamie Lee. A bunch of us went and brought whiskey with us. We got plastered and louder and louder as it went on. I kept on screaming at the screen about what a fucking horrible movie it was. And of course laughing at some scenes. It was hilarious. Oh and throwing shit. But we were in the front.

Oh and this other time, when I went with my gf. She kept on telling me stories everytime a scene reminded her of something. She was in a good mood I guess. I had to kiss her to stop from getting us in trouble with the other viewers.

But that was the last time I swear!


Banned - What an Asshat!
people who bring their whole retarded clan to the movie, so i have to listen to a baby screaming all the way through and dread to imagine what's going through the mind of all the toddlers during the sex scene/gunfights/swearing..

people who don't bathe.

people who sit and stare at the 'turn off your cell phone' animation for 30 seconds and then three minutes later get a call.

people who make calls.

people who clap at the end, the director and crew are in beverly hills doing cocaine, they are not in the building.

people aged under 18.

the guy with 'that laugh'.

people who leave half way through, no, actually i like them, they are great..

everyone going to the bathroom at the end, none of those fuckers wash their hands, ever..