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Headlines Atheist/Agnostics vs. Religion

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Raging Asshole
Ok. I am sick and FUCKING tired of ppl saying what an awful person i am going to hell beccause i dont belive in what they belive in. So please ppl enlighten me. Try to talk me into a corner. And any of my agnostic/atheist brothers and sisters. feel free to come and fight by my side. I dont see what the big deal is! To me, christianity/catholoism/whatever the hell else there is just seems like one big ass book club. You wouldnt believe how many friends ive lost because im not a narrow minded sheep and believes in what they believe. Sure im a great guy at first, but when i get asked what church i go to, suddenly im evil incarnate. Im glad that u are dedicated to your purpose, and if u get offended easily, get the hell out. And dont come in here and drop your two cence in and leave. If u wanna argue, u better stand up and stick with it.


Find another thread like this and post in it, there have been several lately. Learn to search before you post, we don't need multiple threads on the same subject.
Not open for further replies.