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Other Atlanta Braves

How about the braves all you braves haters who said they would not make the playoffs this year. How does that crow taste now? 13 division championships in a row. That is more than any team in any sport. So do me a favor, until the braves fail to finish in first place learn to keep your mouth shut. Go braves all the way. :mfinger:
care: i suggest you don't visit the sports center forum if you don't like sports, or if it's just baseball, avoid threads with titles like "atlanta braves". also, you might be able to put off carpal tunnel syndrome if you didn't exert effort letting us know what you don't care about, and focused on what you do care about.

that being said, you'd just better hope your braves don't run up against my red sox


West Coast Birth Life
Fuck the Braves. Fuck Boston. Yankees rock. :D


i like sports, just not baseball. I like hockey and boxing the most...but anyways i dont care.