B&T Rap Game

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Banned - What an Asshat!
Don't post if you can't spit a full fledged rap. Anything goes in this rap game, you have an unlimited use of lines, and words. So spit away.

So lets start this off with a guy named Icarus,
he looked at his pinky and realized how small his dick is,
he can't rap and he definetely can't spit,
i'm suprised hes still a mod after all his shit,
keep on abusing what you got,
like a burglar I'll never get caught,
keep movin through the dark,
come up behind you and stab you in the heart,
Not to mention this guy named DIZNUTS,
he walks funny because his father raped him in the butt,
his school makes fun of him because he can't talk straight,
so he runs home and plays a lil' Marvin Gay,
I don't panic under pressure, I just keep on goin
you'll understand when I stop flowin',
some people think i'm a coward,
some people think my shit don't stink
but i'm not a pussy nor a dink,
but i guess my shits too complicated
for you *****s all you do is blink,
and think my shits over-rated,
but guess what? its not, all you kids do is masturbate,
look at pr0n and talk shit on a website,
cmon kiddies, when you go to bed you need a night-light,
one side of my heart is filled with love,
and the other side is filled with hate,
get in my way and i'll punch you in the fucking face,
now try to bust me down,(haha yeah right)
i'll fuckin take your balls and stretch them down to the ground,
you can't even compare, so don't even stare, with the rap god
Smoke, now raise your hands in the air.


Banned - What an Asshat!
This thread is gay
Mother fucking white people just ruin my day
Goddamn you must finger yourself daily
Goddamn lets mention your name
Oh it's smoke
This shitty rap music
Is nothing more then a joke
On my massive cock
that you will choke
and then you'll be spitting better then these lame ass rhymes
Goddamn, wasted 2 minutes of my time
With this lame reply
Goddamn I suck.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Your lucky I'm drunk,
cuz otherwise I'd throw your ass down to the bottom bunk
please give me a better challenge than that,
all you speak is the equilevant of the sound coming out of your ass,
all you can say is "bro, i definetely got your back"
but i say fuck that, and get the fuck back,
you can't even spit, so why are you on the track?
these raps are meant for people who can actually rhyme
but your sitting there with a coke with a lime
please take this shit seriously,
my rhymes are so mysterously,
you wish i was just a normal white guy
but on the inside i'm truely black,
so roll up a fatty sack,
the beef is burning,
every turn of the clock
just get back to what your used to, and thats sucking cock,
thats all your good for,
tell your mom i said hi, because shes a whore
tell her she owes me some cash,
for lending out that sweet ass,
on a late friday night,
you heard your mom moan,
but you just turned off the light,
cmon kiddies, you have to learn when to fight,
your just a lying bitch, and i don't give a shit
i just rolled a blunt, and i didn't even need to front
I just wasted a few minutes tearing up your shitty attempt to rap
but guess what? You just stepped in dog crap.


Soul Doubt
Is what you say true?
Deep down you're a ******?
In the days before this
You'd be stabbed by a dagger

Black men weren't free
and neither were the insane
Troubles with personality?
Driving you inane?

I think you're confused,
Afraid to be white
You think that its used
Don't put up a fight

Is it because of the Aryans?
Because of Hitler?
Or because Napoleon
Got with your sister?

Think about it man
If it wasn't for Adolf
420 would be a sham
and your rhymes would get soft

You celebrate his birthday
So don't post out of spite
Don't shout "MAYDAY MAYDAY"
Kid you're fucking white.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
We're lucky you're drunk?
Don't act like a punk,
A text battle against a chump
Like you's a slam dunk,
Your rhymes are funk,
Not the good kind, either,
I'll still be spitting
While you're asking for a breather,
Your dis is pre-packaged,
No to mention off target,
My disses are straight maxin,
Tool rapper blastin',
Your half rhymes are de-railed,
Twistin' and crashin',
So move through the dark,
You can't take the bright lights,
You rhyme about dicks,
While I rhyme about Smoke,
A kid who I've dissed only once
And he's broke

Edit:// Anyone who wants, who has any ambition, start with me. I love it.


Click click boom
Smoke, you're wasted?
Or was it your sister's twat I just tasted?
I dont care if you been drinking,
So shut it and listen to what I've been thinking.

There's been way too many rhyming threads on this site.
So here I sit, I'm waiting to fight.
You haven't even thrown down yet
You aren't even man enough, I bet.

So get outta the sandbox unless you can play
But since you can't, get the fuck out, you're gay.
Now you can try to flame and dig your own ditch.
Deep down you know, that you are my bitch.

Another thing that pisses me off in this site
Are those fucking n00bs, they can't even talk right.
Angel, Andrea, and all the rest.
Try to match up to me, I'm the best.

Is this what you mean by bust it out?
Please don't sit there, take it and pout.
Come on Smoke, you started this shit.
You can respond, I don't care one bit.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Trying to play some b-ball on me?
Your shit can't even compare to me,
verbally, physically or even mentally,
so grab me a tissue, son you got an issue,
take it up with the doc, stop sucking all that cock,
take a shot into the mouth, Icarus will tell you what its about,
give me a break kid, your just pissed
that I had sex with your girl and made her moan,
I heard you couldn't even buy her dinner, so you took out a loan,
thats kinda pathetic dude,
you can't even buy your girl some porkchop and some stew,
so dump the bitch and get out of your trailer park,
trying to say you can own me in the dark?
First things first, you need to do your part
stop spending all the money you got on hookers and cheap booze,
you went gambling at a casino, and guess what, you loose!
Oh by the way, cut your hair, your begining to look like one of the three stooges.
so you try to say i'm broke?
Because I spend it all on smoke?
Haha, thats a bunch of bullshit lies,
i heard you asked a girl out and you got denied,
turns out the girl was your retarded cousin,
you got up in my face cuz you heard i was bustin,
but guess what dude, i just flew back,
got out of the shower and rolled me a 20 dolla bag,
you blame it on the booze, the pot,
and all the stuff that makes anything fun,
but you keep on forgetting, that i'm #1,
so try to imitate, oh wait, go masturbate, because you don't have the skills to concentrate to verbulate, so go punctuate, cmon kid hurry up, i don't got time to wait, plz give me a fuckin chance, good game newb, remake!


I'm just really nice.
Smoke said:
I have nothing to say to you.
You need to spit before I can reply back.

Bah, that's what my problem is. I need someone to target me for this kinda thing, otherwise I get a mental block.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Who mentioned ball? But since you asked, sure,
I'm a lottery pick, a point guard pure,
That's really not important but I've got the cure,
For your mouth that you run like you're so self assured,
Let's face it, son, your raps are weak,
I can fuck with them and I'm nowhere near my peak,
In fact I'm still asleep,
Now make me some coffee,
My morning wood,
Divining rod, where the stars be?
You criticize my skills with girls,
Well I'm traveling the world
And I can tell you 'bout Parisian thrills,
You say I'm poor?
Well Smoke, you might be right,
But my rhymes make sense,
My syllables are tight,
Go punctuate? What does that even mean?
Your flow deflates, five lines into the green,
Now you're red, Get it through your little head,
Your lines are tired, your writer's fired,
Your style is dead,
Does it permeate your cranium?
Saturated with uranium,
Son, you've been Smoked,
Like an old pack of Virginia Slims

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
I fucking love this shit.

I'll write some nice rhymes when im not so drunk. Like... never.

just kidding. maybe tomarrow.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Forgive me if I swing wide,
But I have to take pride,
If you've heard different they lied,
Rapping isn't something taken up as a hobby,
You can't just pick up a mic, and spit straight sloppy,
Nothin' but a couple of couplets, a straight copy,
Of the blueprint imposed by the MC's all snobby,
Let me give you a lesson from the heart,
Otherwise when you rap you're stressin' from the start,
You need to learn the rap ettiquette,
The proper way to connect,
The subject to the predicate,
So let it hit,
A shock like a solar eclipse,
Day to night, hight the lights,
Will that stop your lips?
Here's a simple rule that's normally unspoken,
You don't say gay, even if you're jokin',
If that's your thing,
Stick to rhymes about toking,
But don't be surprised,
If when I spit, you're chokin'


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I take all comers,
Wanna rap about hummers,
Bitches rims weed and the almighty dollars,
I'm hotter than the broken A.C. in mid summer,
I call your weak rhyme out, say damn, that's a bummer,
I'm the plumber,
The roto-rooter,
Rhyme shooter,
I castrate you, you're a girl, so I boot her,
I'm no looter,
I'm the break in,
The inside job,
I'm the hooter,
I spit din,
And you've been robbed,
You spit and you sound just like you've slobbered,
I take the mic for your sake, and you're clobbered,
So I drop it like a hot potato,
After they throw rotten tomatoes,
Meanwhile I'm so sick I'm covered by NATO,
Microscopic to full-scale,
Philosophic like Plato


Click click boom
Not too bad Ick
You spit quite well,
I mean it, that was sick.
At least you can spell.

Have you ever listened to rap in real life?
Their rhymes consist of really short words.
All they do are rap about each other's wife,
Or in your case, computer nerds.

I just woke up, reply back, but make it good.
How many of these rap threads are there anyway?
Well, you ain't a n00b, so I expect it should.
Make a funny response, and I'll have a good day.


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
Smoke you say you are black?
I thought they were hung,
You are hung like a tic tac
You rhyme bout makin bitches moan
Pumpin away between her hips
Son don't try,
Yu can't bone
Your dicks too small to get past her lips
Only way she gets off is by a cell phone
You a crack head, just like your moms
She a crack ho though she fucked my man Toms
To feed you she had to give him head
For a lousy slice of rye bread
And the only meat you ever got
Was when you were gang raped like a bitch in heat takin it up the butt


Banned - What an Asshat!
Just give me time to wake up,
time to bake up,
time to put up on your makeup,
shit son, just give it up,
i'll throw your ass in the pit with the alligators,
temper going up and down like a fucking elevator,
Hello 911? This is the operator,
try to burst my bubble when all i got is skill,
Take your ass to the top of the mountain and throw you down the hill,
Just remember to write Smoke in your Will.

So you say I'm hung like Tic Tac,
Which in most cases isn't true
Its hard to walk when your dicks hanging down to your shoe,
I heard you cried for your boyfriend to take you back,
aww how sweet, 'cept your boyfriend was MJ,
I think everyone had the idea that you were gay,
they just didn't know what to say,
Contine to rap battle me? Sure go ahead, I don't mind its okay,
Just plug up your asshole before you begin to spray,
I think they have operations for that kind of shit,
Ask your mom for some tips on how to spit,
I'm sure she'll know a few things about how to spit,
Your mom isn't the kind of the person whos really scared of the dick,
Shes like a fat kid on cupcake when it comes to this kind of shit,
Ask her how to deepthroat, maybe she'll teach you,
have your dad walk in and he'll definetely beat ya,
you try to explain to dad what you were trying to do,
but he wasn't in the mood,
so he bent you over and taught you how to spit,
Looks like daddys a bigger fan of the dick
Hes a master of the cock,
but you forgot to turn the lock,
so your whole family walked in when you had some family "time"
No one said anything, they were quiet like a mime,
but nice try, better luck next time!

Now onto Icarus,
Whos really scared of how small his dick is,
I'm gonna say what I should said last night,
Heres your bottle you little bitch,
now cry for mommy to turn on the light,
Have her come in and tuck you in,
try to be a good boy, but you'll never get in,
keep on trying to battle me again,
You really need to stop trying to rap,
I can come up with better rhymes than that when i'm taking a crap,
You just throw a couple words together and expect it be good,
So your talking about a morning wood?
Thats disgusting dude,
Why you even say that shit?
Just keep your mouth shut, just like you should,
Divining Rod? Give me a chance,
I heard your girlfriend found nothing in your pants,
Maybe you didn't have one,
or maybe it was tucked in,
you won't go to heaven, because what you did was a sin,
you say you smoked me like a pack of Virginia Slims?
I'll roll you up just like I roll my fatty blunts,
but kid, here i'll tell you what,
i'll give you a free shot to give me the best of what you got,
but i'm good, no matter what the cost,
Try to spit again, because you just lost.

(P.S. This is fun!)


the shocka
alright i used to do this stuff at the city way before i got into the whole hippie thing, so let me see if i can do this.

this is no way to battle punk
meet me one on one lets see who get thrown to the bottom bunk
ill shock ya
cuz uh im the beat shocka

up a hill shit son ill take you to the top of a mountain
then roll ya ass down and watch ya head bobbin
take a bit to look at ya shit
son dont you know
a whitey cant spit?

i do grafftiti on shit like you
oh oh look smoke just got knocked through
fuck son dont try and be white in a black mans game
look at eminem, look at him lossin his name

do you want that to be you
when your 30 years old
2 daughters and suicidal wife
shit thats gonna be your life

ok so its not that good, but i havnt done this in a year,rusty


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
Smoke don't confuse me with your family
You know it was you who tried to free your dad's willy
Your dick hangs down to your shoe
It sure does cuz you ain't got feet
Yup its true
You think you hot on the streets?
Get back around the corner and take it up your butt to hiphop beats
Go ahead make your money
Come on home
Hear daddy say "whos my girl? YOU are honey"
Come bend over quick
Your dad is trying to bone
With his small ass dick
Hes hung like a certs
But you still scream "IT HURTS!!!!"
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