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Back Pain Advice


I am in excruciating pain, mainly because for the past 4 months I've been sleeping on an air mattress. I know the obvious solution is to get a real mattress which I will hopefully be doing very soon.

My question is....does anyone have ideas about how I can hang upside down? Apparently hanging upside down is best for straightening up your spine. I'm thinking the shower bar is not a good idea as it will come crashing down on me, and the closet bar is too short.

I'm about 5'8"
well, instead of hanging upside down hand rightside up. and then hang from a clothes line or the edge of your roof if its close enough to the ground. Or you can just sleep on the solid floor. or go to a ciropractor even though i don't think thats how you spell that. or you can sit in a chair and just turn you upper body around to the left and then to the right so that it pops your back. or get a message even though im pretty sure thats not how you spell that either. Or hand upside down. Or just let it be.


You can start by not grabbing your ankles everytime a dude walks by you.

I'm kidding. I'm sure they don't mind. If you don't know anything about back pain causes and cures, my advise would be to ask somebody that does know. And I don't mean goobers on the intern3ts. You might try asking an old fart that's dealt with those type of injuries. Like Uncle Max. could do the right thing and ask a doctor. Most of the time back injuries are hard to diagnose properly. You may just try some pain medication for now. In moderation, of course.


Thanks for the replies. I will go to the Dr. eventually. I want to eliminate a few factors first. Like get a real bed and some stretches and stuff.

I'm just trying to get help from the creative folks here on WTF to come up with realistic ways to hang upside down. I don't have those bar things. And I really need to do this.


find some oxycotin, methadone, or morphine. As for the hanging thing, here
I didn't check around for the best price so you can do that. It will give you an idea what you're looking for though.