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back to work


Banned - What an Asshat!
Lawdawg428 said:
I hate going back to working a morning shift after being on a fuck off shift for 4 weeks. Any one else feel like I do let me know.
I just fucking hate going to work period.


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
If you're hear to fight, and not to rant take it to the Bait & Tackle forum. That's your only warning.
i am here to rant about my job and how much it sucks working around the maladjusted every fucing day. I mean come the fuck on yall how can a group of people be so fucking stupid. Then their are the nasty people that come in here with their nasty bodly function and B O that could kill a fucking demon, my god what thefuck do I have to do give you a bar of soap and show you how to use it for fucks sakes. I think that is all for now ill let you know how the rest of this day from hell is going.