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Fringe Banned from True TV, Fema Camps and you.

Discussion in 'News & Debate' started by JLXC, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. JLXC

    JLXC WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic

    While the internet still has a semblance of freedom, I advise you watch this. Yes, it's a silly TV show, but it has some serious truth in it, right from the people in charge's mouths. See for yourself before it's too late. Food and gas are soon to skyrocket to the ceiling. 2011 is shaping up to be a mother fucker of a year people. I hope it doesn't catch you unawares.

    Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show on the coming Police State in America, and the proof of the operation of a shadow spy government admittedly outside the Governments own controls. They just give them money, and say spy on everyone. It's REALITY. If you're not afraid after watching this please post your delusional theories as to how it isn't fucking terrifying please.

  2. dustinzgirl

    dustinzgirl Banned - What an Asshat!

    I wouldn't use Ventura's show as proooooooooof per se........

    But yes, this is becoming a police state. Anyone who can't see how the constitution is being trampled on is an idiot.

    But its all in the name of safety.
  3. Relorian

    Relorian I love Sodomy and You

    Ah the name of Safety... We'll give it all up in the name of safety. Sadly the day they come and start rounding us up, I am sure the people with their heads in the ground will swear that we were all "Terrorists" bent on destroying the US Government.

    If it happens, I'm betting that states like Montana hold out a lil longer than states like California or New York (unless you in the northern parts of new york). I also suspect they will go after the guys with large amounts of guns first for fear of casualties.
  4. JLXC

    JLXC WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic

    Update: In real life, someone is erasing the Show from DVR's and such all over the country. Going right into homes and removing "questionable" material now? This seems ok to free Americans?
  5. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    Yeah this country is terrible. You should keep living in it. TV is serious bsns.
  6. dustinzgirl

    dustinzgirl Banned - What an Asshat!

    DVRs only hold so much....and after so long, they automatically delete as you dvr new shows.
  7. RageAgainst

    RageAgainst Chaotic Neutral

    They took our grammar! Durkegurrr
  8. Agent Trap

    Agent Trap Blood Thirsty

    I usually jump on your bandwagon, but that video is 40 minutes long and my internet is currently 8bs sooo....yeahhhh...
  9. JLXC

    JLXC WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic

    Agent, you're luckily not in America, so you wont have to deal with this immediately. It essentially is a video showing how they have everything prepared for martial law to be declared, and the resources in place, to put millions of people into "Residential Centers" at any time. How these wonderful things called "Fusion Centers" are set up all over the USA, with congress approval, but with no congress oversight at all, spying on Americans and putting millions of Americans on "the list" as possible terrorists, for things like Voting for 3rd Party Candidates , bumper stickers, or really just about anything. Including children.

    It shows the politicians saying that FEMA camps don't exist, until the host quotes their own documents, and then they "remember something about that". There's plenty of video of the camps, and the millions of coffins conveniently stored by them.

    If it takes Fear to motivate you to realize how bad things are, this video is for you.
  10. Slacker

    Slacker Well-Known Member

    That video was hilarious. haha

    And this guy:

    "I'm a pro life, pro gun, war vet, ron paul supporter who watches alex jones and jesse ventura and am a board member of my local tea party. DUDE, IM FUCKED!!!! LOL"

  11. dustinzgirl

    dustinzgirl Banned - What an Asshat!

    Whenever I hear tea party, I automatically think that they have to have a lemon party, too.
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  12. JLXC

    JLXC WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic

    Just for clarification, the removal of the shows from people's DVR's and other recording devices has happened because Homeland Security decided it was a problem, and went in remotely to peoples equipment, and removed them. Not because they were too full. They've also "disappeared" a few other episodes of Jesse's show. They're scared.

    The beauty is, they don't deny that the show is right, they are just removing your ability to see it. Of course there's the internet, for now.
  13. Centered

    Centered Well-Known Member

    Where's the proof?
  14. Farceur

    Farceur Philosophy Nazi Premium

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