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Bathroom Graffiti

You know what I'm talking about... smart ass things read on the walls of your favorite public restroom..

Here I sit all broken hearted
I came to shit, but only farted


GodEmperor of Fools
GottaHurt said:
And the most famous one of all:

For a good time call 867-5309
I love it when there is a glory hole under that one. :confused:
Some of the best are ones that other people have added to. My favorite of all time (not sure why, it's not really all that funny)

As seen on the inside of a port-o-potty at Yakima Training Center, WA

Captain Johnson's wife gives good head
-B BTRY 2/146 FA

Yea, but she doesn't swallow
- C BTRY 2/146 FA

You just didn't hit her hard enough
- CPT Johnson