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BC Store accidentally releases Harry Potter #6


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Check it out:

B.C. store lets slip the new Harry Potter


Tuesday, July 12, 2005 Updated at 4:21 AM EDT

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Until 12:01 a.m. Saturday, they're the 14 most valuable books in the world.

And the Canadian publisher of the sixth novel in the Harry Potter series is hoping no one takes advantage of that after it learned last Friday that a B.C. supermarket had sold at least 14 hardcover copies of the novel in advance of its much-publicized worldwide publication date of July 16.

Vancouver-based Raincoast Books, publisher of the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is appealing to those 14 lucky Muggles to keep the novel's contents strictly to themselves and to "temporarily return" their copies to its offices for "safekeeping" in the meantime. If they do, they'll get a signed book plate from Potter creator J. K. Rowling and a "limited special edition T-shirt" as a reward.

If they don't, they could find themselves in court.

Raincoast's unusual "requests" have the muscle of B.C.'s Supreme Court behind them: last Saturday afternoon, Madam Justice Kirsti Gill granted the publisher an injunction after she was told that a Real Canadian Superstore outlet in Coquitlam, 35 kilometres east of Vancouver, had inadvertently sold 14 copies of the much-anticipated novel on July 7, thereby raising the spectre of "irreparable harm" should the contents of the novel be revealed before its official publication at 12:01 a.m. Saturday. The restraining order prevents "anyone who has directly or indirectly received a copy" of the novel from "copying or disclosing," selling or "exhibiting in public" virtually anything of the novel before that time.

The gag order also extends to "any other form of disclosure," such as a report in a newspaper or a radio broadcast.

Moreover, "any and all copies" of the new novel held by the 14 buyers "as well as any photocopies [and] photographs" are to be returned to Raincoast, while "all electronic copies" of any part of the book are to be "immediately deleted."

Asked yesterday evening if any books had, in fact, been returned, a Raincoast spokesperson said, "our reaction at this time is one of being tight-lipped." The company "is not trying to intimidate anybody in any way. . . .We'd guarantee the secrecy and the privacy of anyone who comes forward."

Secrecy has long been a hallmark of the months and days leading up to the launch of a new Potter, whose previous instalments have sold almost 300 million copies worldwide since 1997. But efforts to keep the lid on HBP, as fans are already calling the latest title, have been especially intense ever since Ms. Rowling strongly intimated that one of her main characters would meet his, her or its doom this time.

Indeed, Jamie Broadhurst, Raincoast's director of marketing, was insisting yesterday that the company's "extraordinary lengths" to tightly embargo HBP was its way of honouring Ms. Rowling's wish that "it should be her fans who discover the secret of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" in a kind of simultaneous collective experience.

Scholastic, Ms. Rowling's U.S. publisher, has printed 10.8 million copies for its domestic market. Mr. Broadhurst wouldn't reveal how many copies, in total, were sent to the Coquitlam store or how many Raincoast had printed for the overall Canadian market, except to say that "it's the largest print-run in Canadian history."

Informed sources estimate that the number could be between 1.5 and two million. Suggested Canadian list price for the regular-sized novel (there is also a large-print edition) is $41 -- but last year both chain and independent bookstores, as well as companies such as Wal-Mart and Costco, announced they'd be selling it for discounts of 30 and 40 per cent and possibly more.

Jeff Wilson, senior vice-president of investor relations at Loblaws, said yesterday that "human error" at the Coquitlam store resulted in the "inadvertent" sale of the books.

"We sincerely apologize to the publisher and distributor for what happened," he said, adding that the company "immediately took rectifying steps" when it learned of the faux pas last Friday. It has posted Raincoast's notice in the Coquitlam location and will return to Raincoast any of the 14 books that may be dropped off at the Real Canadian Superstore.

Asked if Raincoast would be willing to pay something akin to a ransom for any of those books, Mr. Broadhurst replied that "that issue is completely speculative at this point." He said he likes to think the "motives [of the Coquitlam customers] were completely honourable" and that these "innocent consumers" will "keep true to the spirit of what will happen July 16."

With a report from William Mbaho​

Uhhh... Whoops!



That sucks. I don't know when I'm getting the book, but I know it's on pre-order for me, however, that pre-order was done by my ex-stepmother, who is not the most reliable in sending me stuff. I can't wait to read it and find out who dies this time.


I'm getting the Canadian (which is the same as the British one) version, since the art on the American version is just ugly. Plus, even though irrelevant, they change a bunch of phrases around. My aunt (who lives in Vancouver) pre-ordered it for me, but I don't know if she put my adress or my mother's. I may be getting it a few days late. :happysadlololol:


Banned - What an Asshat!
I never saw or read that fucking book. I seen scenes of it, and I think is fucking stupid! I would jump from a moving train if I ever was put in the situation where I HAD to read that book or watch that movie. :D


When the Harry Potter series began I was taken with it, however as it grew and was masacred by those abomination films, I lost interest. I tend to do that anytime something becomes to mainstream. I will probably read it, since my mother loves them and I will just nick her copy, but i will not be buying it myself.


ChilianFuckFace said:
I never saw or read that fucking book. I seen scenes of it, and I think is fucking stupid! I would jump from a moving train if I ever was put in the situation where I HAD to read that book or watch that movie. :D
Don't go off the movies. The movies sucked ass. The books are much better, and they keep getting better as they go along.

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
i tried it as they came out and hated it, saw the movies, they were allright. but with the new one coming out my siblings are torturing me to read the first 5 books, so ill probably be giving it another round


The movies fucking suck but the books are pretty good.

I however, like the Sword of Truth books A LOT more. (Fantasy genre)


My question could someone 'inadvertantly' or 'accidentally' sell copies of a book that ISN'T supposed to be released yet?

Seriously now, I think it would be a bit hard to mix up a box of material with another material and then have absolutely NO CLUE that they're selling the BRAND NEW Harry Potter book when the person gets to the checkout. :-|

Either way, it's the company's fault for not using common sense.