Be glad you didn't go to THESE schools..


Banned - What an Asshat!
I can't remember where I found these articles but I remember them very well.

A 14 year old middle school student was walking in the hall during a normal day of school. The assistant principal (I think it was assistant, maybe the actual principal) was regulating the halls and crap, making sure no one runs around, basically he was being a prick just like all principals. And the 14 year old girl's "beeper" goes off and the principal gets so mad that theres a "beeper" or a "cell-phone" was in school he went up to her, and ripped it from her waist.. He didn't know she was diabetic and that the beeping came from the insulin pump that he just forcefully removed. She was rushed to the emergency room, they sued the guys ass off and he was obviously fired.

Another school, elementary (2nd and 3rd grade) lost $5. They felt it was necessary to bring all the kids (boys AND girls) who they thought may be responsible into a room, and perform a strip search. 2nd and 3rd graders, boys AND girls, about 8 or 9 of them being stripped by teachers over 5 fucking dollars.

I heard these two stories a long time ago, I'd really like to beat each person who inflicted that shit with a bat.


wow.. thats so fucking twistedly insane that you just wanna make a movie out it of it...


Formally Cuddles
Damn, thats harsh...Too bad you haven't heard about the school lunch rooms around here. They got rated bad for not being clean, food not saftly stored, temp. danger zone, and bugs...ewww. I am glade I never ate school lunches when i went to