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Being gay sucks


Banned - What an Asshat!
So im gay right? at my high school theres a boy that says that he wants to strip girls down in the bathroom and im like man what a creep and then u know that ur so fucking precios song well he started singin UR A FUCKING FAGGOT like a million times god i hate him

on top of that the boy i love hates me so much and I dont know how to make him like me i know hes gay because he stares at boys in the locker room and I SEE A BULGE but jeezus christ im a perv but srsly if anyone has been in this situation before pleez help im kinda desperate

hah thanks for the lol bro just needed someone to talk to

if u can plz reply
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Yes TiB. Really. That's why I included the comment after rating the post "LOL" I did Lol after taking a drink of Miller High Life. As half of it was traveling down my esophagus I laughed and filled my sinuses with beer - "snortle". See? No reason to be confused? Good, Carry on.