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Being Poor Sucks


Acephalous -> look it up
I've lived a pretty poor ass life, that's gone through it's ups and downs. My mom is now out of a job, and I can't say things are looking to good. But the thing that pisses me off the most, is that I really shouldnt be poor!
I'm not saying that I don't deserve this or anything, but by all logic I should be living a fine life. My mom's boyfriend is some rich guy, who takes her on vacations and out to dinner practicly every night. He's going to be buying her an Audi TT, and a house and God knows what else. And for some reason this generous fucking creep can't spare some change so my mom can get some food in the house, or pay bills. I mean... I know it's not his job to pay our bills but for Christ's sake, I do like food.
And my dad (obviously mom isn't with him...) is really high on the food chain of a big corperation, but it's kind of the same with him. He'll send me to some fancy assed private school that'll cost an arm and a leg, but when it comes to the bills-- where is he?
And on top of all this, people think I'm just a whiney rich girl who wants more shoes. I appreciate the good schooling, and what not... but like I said. I do like my food.
Am I the only one in this shit-assed kind of situation?


The Stranger Returns...
hmm, that does sound rough and it must suck, and I don't know why ppl do those's like rich ppl, they got money to buy the world but they won't spend a thousand for a charity, greedy bastards

I like food too, but u can do what I do and starve urself...well technically it's not starving cause I really want to eat but I have an eating disorder that for some reason I can't get anything swallowed...I really would if I could but it's too hard, so now I'm 30 lbs underweight, but when I do eat it's nothing junk food cause my barely once a day snack has got to keep me alive ya'know
just get used to not eating as much, but don't starve'll get better one day, ur in a what..private school, u gotta be learning some smart things and soon u may be rich as well and can have all the food u want
I have to spend all my money on college right now, so even if I could eat I wouldn't have the money to...but eh, I'm getting conseling on my depression tommorrow so maybe I'll get better soon to


Hella Constipated

Ney Neckdemon! I laughed my ass off at that sound a little homophobic! Homophobes are afraid of the penis...Usually they don't have one.

I'm staight as flag pole, by the way.


jstager said:
Ney Neckdemon! I laughed my ass off at that sound a little homophobic! Homophobes are afraid of the penis...Usually they don't have one.

I'm staight as flag pole, by the way.

first of all i've seen it before, a long time ago, it's not a new thing. second of all, i'm not a homophobe. i don't like homos, but i'm definitely not afraid of them. third, just cause i don't like to look at cocks wouldn't make me a homophobe anyway. you like it, good for you you fuckin flamer.


now now. Settle down children. And back to the topic, I never was in that situation. But my dad was layed off for 6 months or so and we didn't have a lot to go off of during that time. There are 6 ppl in my family and luckily, we had a lot of boxed stuff downstars. It sucks. Did you ever talk to your dad about any of this? Where is his child support? If he wants to send you to a fancy school, great! But that shouldn't take the place of child support.