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Being sick during the holidays

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
It's Christmas Eve, we've got some family over for Christmas, we exchange some presents and fighting words (my newly married cousin and his wife have angered his sister by not sending them a christmas card, accusing them of "copying his wedding" its a long fucked up story, but one for later) and I go to bed feeling fine.

Christmas day, i wake up to a 102 fever, my entire body is sore, im sweating one minute, and freezing the next. I don't have the energy to move and i sneeze and cough more times than michael jackson has had plastic surgery. I stay in bed all day, i dont have the strength to even move downstairs to take a look at my gifts. I miss the trip into Queens to see my ailing grandparents (my grandpas on chemo for his bladder, my grandma smoked from 19 till about 5 years ago, and its starting to take its toll).

Today, I've still got the fever, cough, and sore throat, but im not as sore and my body doesnt hurt as much so i venture downstairs for the first time in 2 days. Just wanted to say that being sick during the holidays sucks. :thumbsdn:


yes it most certainly does,i'd say i get sick during christmas like every other year,go to a doctor soon


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Im accuctly sick right now. Glad it was after though. But anyways, hope your better now.


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pimpyobitch said:
Im accuctly sick right now. Glad it was after though. But anyways, hope your better now.
A guy takes his wife to the doctor.
the doctor examines her.
He comes out and tells the husband "Your wife has accute Angina."
The man says, "Yeah, and her tits aint bad either."
it seems that at this time of year, at least one of our family members gets sick.

it's uncanny. :confused: