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being stupid with friends is dangerous.


So last weekend, some friends and me got really bored, this never leads to any good. so first off we decided to have a bond fire. It was going good, sitting around bullshitting. Then we got the idea to play some games. First game we played a game we called “fireball” Fireball is you take a tennis ball, and cut a small slit into it. Then you put gasoline in the tennis ball. The you light the tennis ball on fire, and throw it at your friend, and they pick it up fast and throw it quick, b/c it is on fire, then every so often you need to reload the gas and relight it. (To stay on fire long time, spraying lighter fluid on out side helps) so we played this game for a while, a few times the fireball got close to the gas can, oh crap. The we took a metal pipe and put gas in that and lit that on fire then spinned around (fire shooting all over, grass burning) then we were done with that, and thought the game tag was always fun as kids, but we needed to tackle people during tag. That hurt people just running full force into other people. Fun. So after all that we were hurt, arm hair burned off, and tired, so we stopped. But it was fun as hell. after we were done we started thinking maybe someone could have got realy hurt, but oh well. So fire and tackling people is a lot of fun I suggest it to any group of people that are bored.:thumbsup:
ya sounds like a real good time, kinda like drinking bottles of syrup as well.
i think you need better hobbies keebs. glad you made er out alive though, keep up the good work.


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Sounds like fun. My friend and I were never that dumb. :rolleyes:


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my god......

you seriously had nothing else to do?

thats pretty good.... but my stuffs better:D

try this, be INSIDE a house, with a bit of axe body spray and a lighter.

great fun.then heres the kicker, get caught while burning axe on your couch:)

THATS fun. especially when it happened to one of your friends and not you (snicker)


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#6 have great fantasy alright ;) repped for stupidity..but I confess Ive done stupid things to :happysad:


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Yeah, being board will make people do stupid things. Me and my friends played a game of bottle rocket wars on the highway in cars going 100mph. It was fun, and very interesting. But I'm glad you and your friends are still alive and able to do more "fun" stuff.:thumbsup:
ok i dicussed these hobbies of yours with a guy in my classes. hes done them as well, tonight hes taking his potato gun out and seeing how far they can shoot them, i offered up the idea of boiling them and seeing if they can hit eachother at great distaces with the spuds. he told me some other painful stories as well. oh to be young again.


well tonight, im hanging out with te same group tonight, so wish me luck! fire good!:uwave:
keebs said:
well tonight, im hanging out with te same group tonight, so wish me luck! fire good!:uwave:
hehehehe keebs every time i see the title i always think it says, being with stupid. :redface:


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I have done worse :thumbsdn:


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Nymphchick said:
ya sounds like a real good time, kinda like drinking bottles of syrup as well.
i think you need better hobbies keebs. glad you made er out alive though, keep up the good work.
your glad?:flamed:

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yeh, i remember about a month ago me and my friends started a very large fire

and we thought, well what if we put lighters in it. to make a long story short about 2 hours later we were throwing bags full of gasoline and light fluid into the fire

it was 2 AM and it felt like it was 12 PM


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This thread reminds me of the NOFX song "we threw gasoline on the fire and now we have stumps for arms and no eyebrows"

It's a pretty good song...

"Brilliant? A word describing something dumb
You create to desecrate the villain I've become
A prophet, not to be made but heard
Speaks in tongues and sarcasm
To me it's plain, to you absurd
You don't know me let alone my intent
Actions do not always self represent
I don't feel urgency in explaining
My conscience opaquely clear
The seed is gently sown back to mother earth
The flower blooms resplendent fumes
A miracle rebirth
The cynic in a search of something more
The fragrant air cannot compare
To what it was the great before
Remember the good old days
Remember the sound
Remember the sweet mustiness underground
No, I don't feel the need for relivin'
Some things are better off dead
Never thought the furnace
Was going to burn us
We worked the bellows for so long
The comfort of the fire apathized us
Looks like we burned ourselves alive
Remember the old band we filled ears with pain
Nothing to lose there was nothing to gain
No I don't miss my span of attention
I do miss my old friend Tim."


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Well this sounds quite a bit like the stupid stuff that me and my friends used to do, like firework fights, egging cars on the freeway etc...

Anyway it was fun while it lasted, but still don't get killed.:)
fireball softball.... hmm... with the bat smothered in lighter fluid as well.. now that wud be a good idea.

Anyone done "ring of fire"? Its rele fun.. you poor a fairly large circle of flammible fluid around a u and ur mates... then you light it. Last one to bottle out wins. I usually win... i liiiike fire....... :p
Alternativly, if your pretty bored just have a bb gun fight. BB FIGHTS FOR TEH WIN!!!!! WOOT!!!

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