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Supreme Leader
My school uses bess, it annoys the hell out of me.
I can't even look up images on google, or even play runescape.
i have found one way to get past this.
i go to a site and use website translator (abd since it is a trusted site itself it lets me see anything that could be possibly viewed on it)
But on the other hand theres a java problem. Its not updated and bess dosent let me download it from (which i can't blame them for).
Any suggestions?
or a new way to bypass bess?


Soul Doubt
This is what I do to bypass school blocks...
-Altavista Translator
-Download Firefox
-Load proxy programs from USB port, from portable drive

Those are just what I do in Computer art, where the projects are all spaced so far apart, when it really takes only 1 period to finish them.. we usually have big Unreal Tournament games running on them, when everyone is finished their work :p

What you should do :
-Stop playing Runescape
-Do your work, as you're probably at the computers for a reason.