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Best Baseball Game For This Year.

I'm gonna go ahead and say ESPN Basecall 2K5 for Xbox.
Not cause it's the only one I got, but because other people I've asked that have played both said it was better than MVP Baseball. I myself usually like the EA sports franchise when it comes to Madden and NHL games but ESPN got my vote for baseball.
I got MVP and i can never seem to get a hit on it... i dunno if its somethin that im doing wrong or what,, but its usually a single, occasional double.

Also it seems that the other teams pitchers never tire out because they put out a solid 9.0 innings per game :confuse:

i like the gameplay, esp. the dynasty, and manager modes...

i also think its cool that you can intentionally hit players, rush the mound when that happens, and send your manager out to argue a call witht he ump