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Best CURRENT aim platform

I'm sick of dead aim not being updated and thereby preventing me from updating aim. The only reason I still am using Dead AIM is because I like the features like tabbed messaging windows (all IM's organized into one window by tab), clone aim (multiple AIM log-ons without linking screen names, very convenient when friends come over), and chat logging. I'm in search of a new aim add-on or a new client altogether, preferably that has the listed features.

So far, I'm researching AIM Triton, trillian, Gaim, IM2, Kopete, and Qnext. It's late, and I don't have time to finish my search tonight, but if anyone has used one of these programs or believes any of these programs to be above another or believes any of these programs to be obsolete, please let me know.

Links in respective order.



I use Miranda on Windows, AdiumX on OSX and gAIM/nAIM on Linux. All suit me just fine; I always found the official client to be bloated and annoying, and the add-on programs don't improve much on it's shitiness.

Kopete is only for KDE under Linux, so that's probably not an option for you. (I don't know if you run Linux or not, just guessing...) You should try though.


i have used trillian. I didnt like it that much but some of my friends like it a lot. You can tab in the windows and for the 6 months i used it, i havent seen an update.