'Best Friend' no more


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I've known this guy all the way through elementary school. Me n him were pretty good buds. Though he had a habit of getting pissed off at me about once ever 6 months, for arbitrary reasons at best (I'm afraid he suffers from some strange form of male PMS). Well...Out of the blue he logs on MSN and starts harassing me about why I'm not his 'true' friend. Apparently the guy wanted me to call him because he was going away to Governor School for 2 months, I had already wished him good luck and honestly thought he was leaving about 4 days later than when he actually did. I explained all of this to him, even appologized (not very sincerely though), but still her persisted. He wanted to know why I didn't call him when he was sick out of school, or why I wanted to hang out with my girlfriend more than him (he's had one girlfriend for about 2 weeks and it was in middleschool). Then he got on me about how I didn't go to all of his plays or just call him to talk and how he's such the good guy because he didn't just ditch me after he made friends with the 'rich popular' crowd (Which I honestly wish he would have done, this revealed just how superficial he actually was). I don't know what this guy's problem was...I think he wanted his life to be Saved by the Bell or 90210 or some shit. It was my understanding that friends didn't just call each other up to chat on the phone unless they needed something or had some grand story. Maybe I'm lazy, Maybe it is my fault, but he is the only guy I know who would get pissed about stuff like this. If he wanted to talk to me THAT bad, he knows I practically live on MSN when I'm not out somewhere and I told him that several times and he just ignored it. I abhore the phone, it's a curse to me...Want to talk? Get on msn. Don't have a computer? Write me a goddamned letter, I'll get back to ya.

So then after he got through with his rant. He 'Broke up with me'. I think the guy thought we were going out or something. I've never called him my best friend because honestly I couldn't stand it if he really was. Hopefully this time he's done for good. Just pisses me off though because he borrowed a bunch of shit from me like every time he would come over to my house and I question whether I'll get it all back.

So Fuck drama square in the Ass, :mad:
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well its too long so let me sum it up

all you do here is wine about ur friends leavein you and how you want to kill your family
right, close , dead nuts on???


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i don't know.. from what you've described above that cannot be your best friend

if you have a best friend than your best friend should consider you his best friend... if not it's hopeless

If too than he'll be allright.. so as your friendship.. cause you don't throw best friens for nothing.. actualy you don't throw best friends for anything...


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sounds to me like you got drunk and had a bit o fun with this person, he sounds pretty dam limp wristed


dude! I thought my retarded ex friend was the only one to use the term "breaking up" for an ended friendship. LMFAO! I think this guy is homo and seriously want's ur ass. lol. he certainly acts gay enough. Ur better off without the fuck. Don't mind him cuz he's got his head so far up his ass he prob doesn't realise that in real life, people don't give a fuck. ur better off.


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sounds to me like this guys got some manic disorder like bipolar disease or something. He sound paranoid and overly reactive when angry but then he feels happy and secure other times. he should get that looked at by a doctor or something. you dont' need that crap!


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Yeah, that sounds pretty gay to me. Never heard of guys calling each other "just to talk" except in that Family Guy episode. That was hilarious!! :D


:yikes: Looks like someone has a crush on you. Run for the hills and keep your ass covered (literally, of course)!!!