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Big butts?


In accordance with my thread on tight jeans, I thought I'd make one on girls asses. Now heres the questin --> Do you like big butts? personally, I do, not too big but round and nice, I HATE FLAT ASSES ON GIRLS, I could never fuck a girl with a flat or small ass, its soo unnattractive to me. Anyways, post your opinions please.


You're my number two
Halfpintrocker said:
Sure buddy... now... single and loving it!! hah...

Thats' always good. Too many people think that they have to have a bf or gf like all the time. I've been w/ my gf for years but before we got together, I kinda bounced around. If I had a gf fine, if not oh well.
Halfpintrocker said:
what?? oh adn Risky Buisness is a great movie.... But I love being single... you can flirt all the time...
Haha, singleness rulez! I think I am about to re-enter single world soon. GF's dad = wants me dead. :sword: