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bitchy mom

so my mom is a fucking bitch, as well as my stepdad, and im so sick of their bullshit. so last night i had to run a track meet in the rain and my shoes were still wet(damp) from last night and i had 30 minutes till i had to leave for the bus so i went out to ask "hey, would it benefit my shoes to throw them in the dryer for a few minutes? maybe with a dryer sheet to help with smell?(they rlly fucking stink). my mom was like, "do you have any other shoes?" in a shitty tone, and i said "well, yeah but i dont like them bc they're old and stretched out and slide on my ankles" so she said in an even bitchier tone "well you should've thought of that last night" so i said "you know what? never mind. it's fine", and tried to walk away so an arguent wouldn't happen, but she decided to keep fucking going and started screaming at me about how she's always tired and it's like bitch i was tired too, i was running on 2 hours of sleep and a cup of coffee and i had state testing so i was exhausted and then my stepdad broke it up and basically made it all about her even though she fucking started it and basically said it's my fault bc apparently everything is my fault, always, and she is perfect. im so done, and they are not very supportive of me being transgender either so.... im thisfuckingclose to leaving. at this point im either gonna end up kicked out, me leaving on my own, or in the ground 6 feet under so..... yeah that was my morning


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Holy wall of text!

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Put your wet shoes in front of your refrigerator on the floor. The fridge fan blows constantly consistent overnight and will dry you out by the next morning.
Well you should've thought of that last night.