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Tears of Blood
So, I was over at my buddy Reid's house...and we were smoking...and we got up to get some munchie food. Well, I had a bag of Doritos in one hand and a cup of Sierra Mist in the other. All of a sudden I got really lightheaded and put the drink down, hoping that if I fell then i could catch myself. Almost instantaneously my vision goes black and I was in a dream state for what seemed like 30 minutes. I actually had a dream of the next few hours...calling my friends to tell him to call other people and tell them I was in the ER cus I broke my jaw. Well, as soon as that had happened, I heard this loud clash and felt this excruciating pain in my jaw. Reid turns around and screams "Dude! What the f*ck is wrong with you?!" I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was on the floor. When I rolled over, I asked him what had happened just to find out that he knew as much as I did. I immediately grabbed my jaw, and when I moved my hand away, realized that it was bleeding steadily.

Has anyone else gone through anything similar? :question: I hope so so that i dont feel like a dumbass stoner.


Oppressing your posts...
was drugs involved? I mean wow.... worst blackout I ever had was in mobile alabama and I got so fucked up I have about 2 hours missing time. From friends telling me, I apparently was standing in the middle of the street in a general stuper so one of them called me over and asked me "sup?" so I told him I was in desperate need of some food.. as we talked I apparently passed out yet did not fall down, only dropped my drink.. then following someone's advice i returned to the ship(being as I was navy). But apparently everyone was too drunk to realize I was stumbling off on my own. Well I remembered how to get back and was crossing this long wasteland kind of field between the city and the docks.

I saw a ditch comming up and something inside woke my brain up like a "hey stupid this might be a problem. pay attention" so I did... This is where my blackout ended. I walked up to the ditch and quickly inspected it an it seemed stable so instead of walking around stepped in... SLURP! the ditch was a deep mud pit.. i went to just below my crotch deep in mud. Well while trying to pull myself out without my shoes being sucked off by the mud, someone walks by.. he says "hey, how ya doin?" and keeps going.. fucker was too drunk to see i was in trouble.. I pulled myself out and with half my body covered in mud and drinking a mud filled soda, I came aboard.. only thing that saved me was while I was under my own power, an engineer was being carried.. they decided to get him...
I've never blacked out as a result of weed but I have lost time as a result of alcohol, usually a shitload of tequila. That's a lot of the reason I steer clear of hard liquor because not remembering several hours isn't fun.


:confused: Maybe you inhaled to deeply and the vapors hit a part of your brain that would make you black out.


Too Bitchy For A Title
Dude..sounds like you need a vacation from the herbs. Try something along the lines of oregano. You'd be safer. :p


Hella Constipated
I've done stupid shit on drugs. Ambien yes, never again.

Once I double dosed, my first time, went runnin in the woods to go "demon hunting," got scared, the trees looked like angels of death, and I went to some neighbor who was deep down there, asked for a flashlight, he called the cops, i waited two minutes, then dashed to my house, saw them with flashlights on my property, they didn't see me, i was in the living room hiding out. Went into the basement and woke up the next morning hearing my dad yell at me cause "I smelled like shit."

The other dumb thing I did was a 1.5x dosage + Sonic 3. As soon as it kicked in I tumbled over, landed on a screw, and had a hold in my head. Fuck that hurt. Next morning there was a sizable scab.

The sheer speed made me tumble uncontrollably.

|H|E|A|L|T|H| - My Anti-Drug.


Tears of Blood
cmon guys...pls add to my rep..i need all the self esteem i can get...and if you dont...ILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND CUT YOU!!! :sword:


Drugs? Nope, I never blacked out on weed or alcohol... or the allergy medicine I overdosed on that made me high through the whole day. I remember everything, for the most part.
Wtf, HatedOne, I am REID?! Who the fuck are you dude? Seriously this is freaking me out cause I don't remember who you are.