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Headlines Blair - Loser or lunatic

What are peeps thought on old tony, tis obvious hes gonna win the election, but what do u all think? :thumbsup: / :thumbsdn:


He's an asshole.
A wolf in sheep skin.
A tory disguised as a labour MP.

I wouldn't be surprised if he were a mason, or worse.. :yikes:

A typical British hooligan, who behaves nice, shakes your hand, but if you turn your back you get a backstab.

In British politics it happens that politicians change their party, but Tony has never been a socialist, and will never be. He is a conservative, and has tricked the Brits in a dillemma. The tories don't have an answer after the downfall of the iron lady Margaret Tatcher.


Chaotic Neutral
You could state lots of bad things about him, but a good thing would be his efforts to reconciliate Ireland.

I don't really have much thoughts on the guy - I mean they came into power just before I started work and I don't know any different when it comes to earnings or whatever.

All I know is, that my local MP, Jim Murphy, has never once shook my hand or even so much as attempted to say hello to me - why? Because I've seen him ONCE in the time he's been elected.

I say that I won't ever vote for anyone except the SNP - I'm proud of my nation and I will always vote for Scottish independence- and because some of their overall policies are agreeable, although not all. :thumbsup:


Was machen Sie?
tony blair is a hottie :thumbsup:
he's fun to watch on cspan.
he has my vote...though me being stateside it doesn't really matter.
i'd compare him to bill-i-got-jizz-on-your-dress, both very charasmatic.


RageAgainst said:
You could state lots of bad things about him, but a good thing would be his efforts to reconciliate Ireland.
Well, the Brits should have let Ireland mind their own bussiness already 30 years ago!

How the hell are they going to bring peace to Iraq, if they even can't sort out a little quarrel in their own back yard!


Just a poster
I think he is okay, but in reality he is a lap dog to Bush :)


God, i'm bored!
I know this is slightly late but...

Tony Blair is a knob!

I really don't like his policy's or the fact that he lies and lies and then lies more to try and deny he was lying! This is someone who, even though almost everyone on the planet wants him to get swallowed up by the nearest hole, was again put in control of our country.

Ok, I didn't vote but I wasn't at home too but if I had, I would've voted Socialist. They seem to have the best policys for everything.

And I still qoute "Tony Blair is a knob"! :mfinger: