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Bleeding Heart


Voluptuous means I'm fat.
I lay in bed, late at night; my eyes feel like they are wide shut,
What do I do, how do I rid myself of my sorrow and pain?
Do I get and knife and cut in deep? Just watch as the blood pours out,
My heart now weeps, its bleeding from the past,
Was my mistake in loving him or was it losing him?
Do I call and make things right or should I remember our fights?
Should I think of our first kiss?
Our times we held each other tight and he whispered to me “goodnight”,
About the fun that we once shared or just when we held hands,
About our dreams, wishes, and desires or when we hoped to
Start a family one day,
We held on tight and watch the moon shine bright,
Should I now think about or fights, the arguments and lies,

When the day came, he yelled, I screamed and it all happened so
Fast, our love was lost and never to be found. It all ended just like this.
Or can I still Dream about our past, and the future we almost had,
I sit here now just reminiscing: our wrongs and yet the rights.
Was it our fights or just our hearts, how did it all happen like that?
Did you heart not beat for mine or did I let you slip away?
Should you have tried, should I have tried or was it right to say
“Good bye”?
Should I have listened to my heart and not the brain?
For the heart that never lies. Could we have made it if we tried?
Or were all the wrongs too much to make them rights?

For you my dear, my heart still weeps, for you my love I want to keep,
For all the lies I want to forgive and all the joy to be brought back,
I wish, I wish upon a star that our mistakes become forgot,
I wish to have you back some day and renew our love like burning flame,
Wait, I must be dreaming for I now know it can’t ever be,
It was the Day that I lost you and you lost me.
We now have our hearts forever bleed!