Angel of Death
~Trying to write a letter so random thoughts and feelings~

~I am going to freestyle this, so it will be raw... probally won't have a good flow and probally going to suck..... but bleh....... im not calling it a poem, or a song, how about just words.~

All the things that I can not understand,
I feel your fear, I know your bravery
I hear your strength echoing
on my lips from so far away....
I have yet to lose my faith,
I bestowed it all in you.
So don't you be afraid,
I have angels watching you.
Don't you doubt yourself,
I have all the belief you need.
Never have I forgotten you...
my sweet love.
I may have no heart anymore,
cause It lies somewhere lost with you.
So take this as it comes,
it maybe a song, a poem, a story
All the words just written for you
and I have yet to know......
I have yet to cry.......
or maybe that’s a lie....
Cause I am dieing here, just missing you
but I will be alright my love
Because I know there still hope
As I seen the rain and storm clouds pass
To show me the rainbow, the sweet summer sun
As angel’s drew a picture of you in the sky.
So just keep on marching
heading straight, just keep on going
I will be here when you return
wedding dress and all.....
smiles with kisses..... Little golden rings
Dressed all in pretty silver. Hair with flowers,
Eyes with tears, words I give to you
And with this ring,….two shall become one,
The way it was meant to be.
In all of our dreams together
Just always remember… there better sailing ahead.


Banned - What an Asshat!
feel better?
thats usually what i do just write reandom shit until i feel better then i edit it. usually turns out to be some of the best ive written.


the big green demon
i love you baby

you should write tons more i just got a usb drive and am saveing all your poems

nix the usb drive the mortar attack burned it up


Angel of Death
darksinner said:
i love you baby

you should write tons more i just got a usb drive and am saveing all your poems

Jesse, my love.

I have wrote a million things for you over the past 5 or so years we been together. You have remember not even a word of them but they have scared and burned upon my heart. I love you like none other.

*huggles ya*

I need you...