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no piggy no!!!
i went to a party about a week ago and my friend got really smashed. I had never seen her drunk before, so i didn't know that SHE WAS PSYCHO. She bit my friend on the hand and burned my arm with a lighter.
So I had/sort of still have this blister on my arm, and it was completely full of water. I was sitting in math class, really bored. So i started kind of messing with it. I pressed down on it and it like shot out onto the back of the guy in front of me. The blister wasn't very big so he didn't even notice, but the girl next to me did- thank god she's cool.


That was puss not water. I love when that happens. About the girl that got drunk, she is going to be kinky as fuck. Shag that shit if you get the chance.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Nope, It was water, Blusters can have water in it;

A collection of fluid underneath the top layer of skin (epidermis). One that is more than 5 mm in diameter with thin walls and is full of watery fluid is called a bulla or a bleb. There are many causes of blisters including burns,
Water blister -- a blister with clear watery contents that is not purulent (does not contain pus) and is not sanguineous (does not contain blood).

Hehe :)
Also, nice aiming did you hate the guy? That's even better :p


That reminds me of the time at lunch when my friend sprayed his pus all the way to the next table at this asshole.

Then I threw some Braunschweiger at the asshole and we got in a fist fight, but that's another story.