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Blocking my driveway

So my next door neighbor has a relative or friend come over and his (the visitor's) big a** Mercedes SUV is blocking half my driveway just so he doesn't have to block my neighbor's driveway. Talk about no manners! Good thing that I'm driving a compact and I can fit in the right half. I felt like leaving a note on it saying "Thanks for being an inconsiderate idiot!"
I used to get absolutely annoyed when people parked in front of my dad's houses driveway. My grandmother or dad would go over to them and ask them to move whatever vehicle. If you inconvenience them enough times people will slow down or quit doing it as much.


So why you didn't go knock on the door and tell them to shove off? And exactly why in the fuck are you driving a compact car? Please get a decent ride.


You're my number two
Been there. Criminal damage is justified in this case. I don't say that lightly. I say it because this person has a disrespect for everyone around them. People like this are a scourge and they deserve no quarter.