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Blue Balls?

Blue Balls fact or fiction?

  • Fact

    Votes: 19 65.5%
  • Fiction

    Votes: 10 34.5%

  • Total voters


Funnier than a 5th grader
As far as your balls actually turning blue...No.

When a man becomes sexually aroused, blood flows into his penis and testicles (or "balls"). If he ejaculates, the blood flows out of his genitals — and back to the rest of his body — more quickly than if he does not ejaculate. The discomfort a man can feel when he has been sexually aroused but has not ejaculated is sometimes called "blue balls."

Although blue balls can feel uncomfortable, the discomfort goes away fairly quickly. If a man is extremely uncomfortable, he can masturbate (or ask his partner to masturbate him) to orgasm. However, there is no danger and no pain if he does not reach orgasm. So, guys who say that they are really suffering and must have vaginal intercourse to relieve their "blue balls" need to know that they can relieve their discomfort and ejaculate using other sexual activities.

Google is a great search engine. ;)


:: What Ebonics ::
well i kinda knew it was that....the whole blood rushing out after not so sure about the whole masterbating to relieve the pressure....this one time it felt as if though someone kicked me in the balls as hard as they could.....then again i wear boxer briefs...i heard somwhere that if your undies are too tight that they might make your balls hurt....:/ hmm...regaurdless it sucks....


Oh its fact alright. Oh and its more then mild discomfort. But no you don't need the relieve them with sex. Man I had this one GF in high school...Queen of Blue Balls man...get you all worked up and tehn she'd have some sort of moral enlightenment and say I can't do this. I respected her wishes but I had to jack it in the car a couple of times on the way home. Serious discomfort


4:20 Celebrater
Fugly said:
... I respected her wishes but I had to jack it in the car a couple of times on the way home. Serious discomfort
bwahaha you r0ck


:: What Ebonics ::
#7 ex chick would do the exact same thing wasnt till we finally started having sex that shed lemme finish everytime...of course she had her fun too....
i don't know who voted that blue balls was fiction cause it is for real and they have no idea what they're talking about. obviously your balls don't turn blue, but it's very uncomfortable at the least. it can actually be pretty painful. but a little handjob and it's all gone. one good thing is that when you have blue balls and you bust a nut, you cum really hard and it feels really fuckin good!