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Boom Headshot!!!!!


Dude, wot does mine say!?
PLEASE tel me tht u dnt spend al day on the internet lookin for these things?!

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
i love that video, fps doug is mi hero. there another funny one at purepwnage of him in a parking lot. and the regular episodes are good too


Hella Constipated
junglizm said:
"Descent: the college years." :lol:

More like my day to day job come 2007 :eek:.

Starting a game is easy, finishing it is a fucking pain in the ass but worth it.

"What the fuck Justin?! The fucking map is busted! It ain't fucking letting me travel through this part?!

What part of Atari 2600 styled FPS graphics don't you understand?!"

"Alright, man, I'm sorry."

"Look under your desk..."

"What the fuck dude?! So that's what was hitting my leg!"

"Hahahaa! Gotcha! You like the bratwurst and clay testicles?!"

Yeah, that's Isotope Corporate culture. A fucking house party 24/7. Much like id in the early nineties.

And by the way, I've seen that dozens of times and I do act like FPS Doug around my friends. In my opinion he's one of the greatest characters ever.

He combines every FPS stereotype into one dude.