WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Boredom = Masturbation Time

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Put it in MY butt...
Eastside said:
bored? do something away from your computer. there's a start.
Warning: Serious Post

Actually, there's really nothing to do in this town before about 7 or 8 o'clock. Also, my damn friends are being responsible and studying for their partials. The fuckers...


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
chucktheskiffie said:

thats the "toggle tits" shortcut

HavokChylde said:
That doesn't work!

Damn yous! Damn yous to hell!
Sorry dude hell is closed till friday :thumbsdn:

chucktheskiffie said:
You probably have your caps lock key on.
It should work with caps lock on...i think he did it like this Ctrl+Alt+B+R+A+E+S+T

dustinzgirl said:
Seek Therapy
yea listen to DG go to massage therapy but they massage your're masturbation problems will be solved in 5-10 min.....pray you get the girl massage therapist though :rolleyes:
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