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boss from hell


Banned - What an Asshat!
i don't have a boss, but i've had a few bad ones in the past.. nothing to compare with this guy though..

Boss threatens DNA tests over gum

An office boss threatened his staff with DNA tests after chewing gum got stuck on a director's trouser suit.
Tony Price, managing director of IT firm WStore UK, was angry after he found the gum squashed under a desk.
He sent out a memo demanding his 80 staff in Farnham, Surrey, submit to the test to weed out the culprit. However, after the plan was leaked to the media, Mr Price, 33, said he was only joking - but was angry at the breach of his gum ban.
Now he is pledging to hunt down the employee who alerted the press - by forcing workers to take lie detector tests.


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Yeesh. And I thought my old boss Paul (rot in hell) was a cunt.