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Brandon's guide to picking up girls...

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Somewhere in the Between
Step 1: Lose the lame pick up lines. Keep it simple, and keep the conversation focused on her. “Hi, how are you? My name’s Brandon.” Don’t just walk up to a girl and be like “yo, let’s fuck.” That’s only worked for me once, and I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts it was a total fluke.
But i like pick up lines


Mr. Ee
My buddy ol-pal would go to the beach every couple of months or so, just walking around asking girls "you wanna get a pizza and fuck?"

He promises 1 out of 10 will go for it. I've been there on 2 occasions. He received a slap the first time, the second time, I didn't talk to him until the following day, so it seems to work.

But the real thing is, why would you want to get with someone who's gonna let you poke them instantly...?

Chances are, if you hook up with anything that's willing to open their legs the first time you meet them you're gonna contract something, or we'll see a new thread in about a month that starts off "Fuck these cheatin' ass whores....."

So if you're a hornball with game and a lifetime supply of condoms, then please, bang anything that comes your way. If you're a sensitive soul, lonely and searching for the right one, don't take anything that comes your way. Be a picky bitch.


"For a guy to pick up a girl it takes a lot more skill and thought." (Than it does for a girl to pick up a guy.)
Haha. Are you fucking kidding me??? Maybe it's just my area or something, but I have had my share of rejection. Every guy that I've ever asked out has said no. So top that one. I've found that guys can be fickle. Oh well. I have a bf now and a few lookin if I didn't. So my luck is turning around, but still. Although, most of that other stuff is just common sense. :tonuge:


HavokChylde said:
But the real thing is, why would you want to get with someone who's gonna let you poke them instantly...?
The answer is obvious... to poke them instantly. :p

Not everyone is looking for Miss Right. Sometimes they're looking for Miss Right Now. Believe it or not, but some people find no value at all in genuine relationships. They're only looking to have some fun. They are not in it for the spouse, two and a half kids, pet, mini-van, and a mortgage.


Original Member
If she catches you off guard with some line like, "I like to sneeze in the bathtub every twenty four hours" tell her you like to do that every twenty three.
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