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Bright Eyes: Bloomington, IN

I just got home from seeing the band Bright Eyes perform in Bloomington at the IU auditorium.

Best - concert - ever.

'nuff said.

I went with about 5 kids that go to my high school

Anybody else who happened to go or who happened to catch them earlier on their tour me know how fucking AWESOME you thought it was. I need to go to more concerts.

yeah, it's sunday (er, monday morning); yeah, it's late (early); and yeah, I just got home; but all that and the money it cost to go was all worth it.

again, 'nuff said.

Tis been a good night.
Yeah, he does some solo songs and some with the band ... on a few songs the band would just kind of sit there or leave the stage.

oh and omega, there's more than corn in Indiana ... I'm not exactly sure what, but apparently there is.