Headlines British Envoy to Italy Stirs Waters with Bush Barb


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ROME (Reuters) - Britain's ambassador to Italy has called President Bush "the best recruiting sergeant" for al Qaeda, Italian media reported Monday.

The comment, made at a closed-door conference at the weekend, was denounced by one leading Italian newspaper editor, who issued an open letter snubbing the veteran ambassador, Sir Ivor Roberts.

Roberts was quoted as telling an annual Anglo-Italian gathering in Tuscany: "If anyone is ready to celebrate the eventual re-election of Bush, it's al Qaeda."

Corriere della Sera newspaper said Roberts also told the meeting of British and Italian policy-makers: "Bush is al Qaeda's best recruiting sergeant."
What a cut! Excellent...

It is true, Bush really riles the the Islamic militant blood, and they really don't need anymore riling. Actually, he's pretty well got most of the world hating us...
4 more years! yeah...