Broadband Adverts..



I don't know what there like in your country, but here in the UK they make blood come out of my ears.

Do they just have one format for these ads?

"Broadband is up to ten times faster than Dial-Up." Yes. I knew that, why should I use your company, rather than another? "Broadband is up to ten times faster than Dial-Up." Next ad. "Broadband is up to ten times faster than Dial-Up." :mad:

With the exception of Wannado, who have probably noticed how shit these ads are, they all say the same fucking thing.

Idiots. None of them are as bad as BT though (British Telecom) 1gb monthly bandwith limit. I mean come on. Allways on internet that turns off after they think you've downloaded enough. Oh hang on, it's good because they charge the costs to your phone bill. Wait. Why is that good?

Maybe offering an incentive would get them more customers. Rather than saying the same thing over and over..



Hella Constipated
They CAP your access? Crazy Brits...Just kidding. Britain kicks ass, and is much better than America in some ways.

Anyway, I'm on a super fast connection. 5Mb down, 936Kb up. Here I know that they say 50 times to 100 times faster. The ads are all newbish anyway, most of them suck. Blah blah...faster than dial up, blah, blah...We get the point. State the REAL benefits.