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Headlines Bronx man Gets flamed.


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Shot in head, set on fire & found on Bronx street

The flaming corpse of a man with a bullet in his head was found early yesterday facedown on a Bronx sidewalk, cops said.

An officer on patrol spotted the body at E. 156th and Truxton Sts. in Hunts Point about 1a.m. Firefighters doused the body with water as cops combed the neighborhood for clues.

"It was totally charred," a police source said. "His clothing was burned off. He had no jewelry and no identification. We did manage to lift some fingerprints."

The victim was believed to be black and in his 30s or 40s. In addition to the head wound, a spokeswoman with the medical examiner's office said the man also was shot in the chest, damaging his heart, lungs and liver. No shells were recovered, a police source said, leading to speculation the body may have been dumped just north of the Oak Point Freight Yard and a few blocks west of the Hunts Point Produce Market. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

Bob Kappstatter and Robert F. Moore
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Wizard No More

that's beyond pwnage. he shot him in the head and to make sure he wouldnt come back he burned him. ow... atleats he didnt get burned adn then shot in the head, that is a far worse fate.