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Brother... best friend, wtf eh?

This is a narrative i wrote, based on true events, except for teh end. Enjoy, at teh cost of my depression... grammar and spelling errors are still in there.

Don't have a title yet but im thinking of calling it

The excessive contemplation.

I let my knees collapse and fell to my floor and cried. I couldn’t believe this, I could not believe Ian was dead. There, Rachel stood over Ian’s body with a bloody knife in her hand. I looked at her face and anger filled my head, it melted my mind and emotions. I charged at her and ripped the knife out of her hands, knocking her to the floor. I let the anger flood out, I was infuriated, thrashing and screami-... let me tell you how I met Rachel.
It was the 3rd grade when I moved to the large town of Springwood. We had lived there a week when the first day of school came along. It was my birthday, and being the new kid, I had no friends. I met Rachel in my new 3rd grade classroom. She came and sat with me and asked me where I was from, how old I was, etc. I continued to tell her it was my birthday and she wished me a happy one. She then planted a big wet kiss right on my left cheek before we went to recess.
Two rooms down, my older brother Ian was getting acquainted with his new classmates and teacher. I waved to him as I walked by and he ignored me. Whatever; he had never been too fond of me ever since I could remember. I still loved him. I mean, he is my brother, I’m obliged to. And he had his “ok” moments.
Rachel was a quiet girl up until high school when her self-confidence emerged. She was a very persuasive speaker, and was not known to be unkind to anyone. She got straight A’s and was very popular. Everyone loved Rachel.
Between 3rd grade and high school, Rachel and I become best friends. I got close to a few other people, but people came and went as the years passed. By the time high school had come around, I had a completely new set of friends. High school put everyone into little groups, all very tightly-woven baskets of their own secrets and rumors. Rachel seemed to be an ambassador for her basket. She would be the person who you would always see sitting with different groups but she hung out with the stereotypical “cool-kids” primarily. I had my own basket, which was very loose, always with people coming and going. Through all this, Rachel and I continued to communicate and stay friends.
My brother Ian, joined the basketball team and was MVP of the year, every year. He also played baseball and soccer, and was one of the best. He started a band with some of his friends, him on the bass and lead vocals. The girls in our school drooled over him. He was always a jerk to me, so I didn’t bother to try and associate with him or his friends. His grades weren’t great, but they weren’t single digit numbers like mine. Still people seemed to worship him, and ignore me when in his presence. Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty popular too, but people knew Ian and I had a weird relationship, so no one tried to force us to be together. But when it came to choosing between him or me, I was the scum of the earth, the epitome of a public enemy. Meanwhile, if a conversation happened to stumble upon the subject of my brother, nothing negative was to be said about him, or else that was another friend out of the basket.
In the beginning of high school, I realized the senior class was always the nicest class when it came to human relations. No matter what kind of jerks they were before, they were always nice during their senior year. Why? Probably because they didn’t want anyone to forget about them. Which was fine, I’m sure anyone would take any friends they can get. I then wondered if Ian was going to stop being a jerk to me during his senior year. Most likely not, just because he has always had such a deep abomination for me.
It was about this time I realized I was in love with Rachel. It was the eleventh grade and I talked to her as often as I could and finally asked her out. She told me “no, we are too good friends, and I’m not ready for a relationship, but I’ll make sure you’re the first one to know when I am.” I was very happy with this response. I had practiced for about 8 hours a day for 3 weeks before I asked her and this response means “yes, just not now” which was totally ok with me! I was ecstatic. I ran home and put on my favorite song and bounced all around my room, in my boxers. Nothing could destroy my mood. My mom could’ve made me clean the entire house and the neighbor’s house that day, and I would have done it with enthusiasm. Everything was great, so I waited patiently.
Ian was a senior, and he continued his dislike for me. I didn’t care, life was going great for me. As long as I had nothing to do with him, I still had my friends. Rachel continued to be friends through the hard times of highschool up too our senior year. I had always been nice to everyone that gave me the chance, so I didn’t notice any change in my own personality, but I saw people around me change drastically. Evil totally morphed into good, and the popularity basket seems to spontaneously combust into a ball of flame when everyone started being nice to everyone. It was amazing. School was actually a happy place. I was having the time of my life, hoping it wouldn’t ever end. I definitely had no plans for after high school. That thought made me downhearted because I had always wanted to make a lot of money and have a big house. I knew I was smart, I just lacked personal motivation. Rachel, was going to go to an Ivy League college and forget about me. I sat at my lunch table I always sat at and talked to my friends about the new book I had just read.
My friends Stephanie and Megan sat at the seats next to and across from me. I heard Megan say “Does he know?”
“Im not sure, should we tell?” Stephanie whispered back.
“Well he’s gonna find out sooner or later, no?”
“Ok, tell him.”
I braced myself. Maybe my dog got hit by a car. I was staring sideways at them now from my delicious ham sandwich. I loved ham, I loved chee- My breathing was heavier, they were hesitating to tell me whatever it was. ‘C’mon just spit it out’, I was thinking, ‘my dog Sparky is dead isn’t he?’ Oh god I don’t wanna cry in front of everyone. I squeezed a questioning “well?” out of my sewn shut lips. Megan said in a wise-ass tone, “Rachel asked Ian out, they are dating as of three days ago...” I felt the blood rush to my face with an extremely strong feeling of anger, then, just as quickly as it had come, it was gone, and my face turned cold. I felt tears rush to my eyes, the blood from my face had fallen back to my ears and I thought they were going to burst into flames. A tear dropped from my cheek onto my ham sandwich that I was still grasping. “Oh, my god, are you ok???” Megan put her hand on my face and wiped away tears. She looked sincerely concerned. Normally, I would have denied I was crying, but I was so... torn. I had just been shot in the chest, I couldn’t breath. The air I had in me was quickly escaping. The pain melted into numbness. I got up, I wiped away any expression from my face at all, and I went home.
It was the middle of the school day when I swiftly trotted home. I forgot my backpack. Whatever, I didn’t care. I ran into my room slamming the door behind me. I spun around and yelled kicking the door with all my force. The door, instead off falling off the hinges, shattered into a shower of wood-chips. I stared out into the hallway. My room had no windows, so light poured in like a beam of warmth and comfort in my room of contaminated carpeting and claw-scratched walls. I had stopped crying. The tears on my face had dried up into a crusty layer over my lips and cheeks. I sat in half darkness, half light, just thinking. First I thought, why. Why would she do this to me? What would bring her to his level. The guy was a stuck up jerk. I had so much faith in Rachel, so much reliance. I then thought, Ian is a dead man. I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill him the second he walks through that door.
Just then through the shattered door I heard the front door creak open. I jumped to my feet. I dived out of the hole door, conquered the stairs in one leap landing head first right into Ian’s chest. I knocked him back to the floor with so much force it knocked down a lamp on the table across the room. Unfortunately for me, Ian was MVP of the basketball team and happened to be very strong. He easily overturned me onto my back. As I lay there, being straddled by an angry gorilla, not even trying to fight it off, I saw the blood rush to his moronic head. His veins were popping out as he grabbed my neck with his left hand and leaned back pulling me off the ground. During this time he pulled his right arm back behind his head. I could have moved my arms but I didn’t. I didn’t care to live. I could have thrown him off me at the exact moment he released his loaded arm, but I didn’t flinch, I just stared wondering how someone so stupid could trick someone so smart. As the fist flew at my hovering head, I could have moved out of his loosened grip. Instead, I put my face into it, and closed my eyes. I didn’t clench them shut, I closed them as if trying to fall asleep. I felt the bumpy fist fall into my face and at seemingly the same moment in time, the back of my head hit the ground. Ian was victorious, and my face was a bloody pulp. Like a tomato thrown against a wall. He kept his flaming eyes on my face. I didn’t scream, I didn’t make any sound at all. I kept my eyes closed and experienced the pain. I had never had such a feeling. For once, I truly loved Ian. I made a connection with my brother, he gave me a feeling no one else ever had or ever could. My brain was overloaded with physical feeling, my nerves were burning.
If I tried, I would not have been able to get up. At this time as Ian stood over me, Rachel walked through the front door. With my eyes closed, holding my breath, I unintentionally must have looked dead. Rachel screamed but I couldn’t hear it. Ian looked at her, and he kicked my ribs. This time I opened my eyes. I looked up at Ian and looked over in time to see Rachel run back into the room with a kitchen knife in her hand. She lunged at Ian. Ian easily dodged her attack and grabbed her by the wrist. He then squeezed the knife out of her hand and ran back up into his room. I still couldn’t get up, but I heard her. I heard her and Ian throwing each other around the room. Suddenly, everything grew quiet.
My jaw was just dangling it seemed. I didn’t have the power to keep it shut. My wound on the back of my head stung from the carpet rubbing into it. I rolled onto my side and awkwardly stood up, and faced Ian’s open door. I let my knees collapse and I fell to the floor. My head throbbed with pain. I couldn’t believe this, I could not believe Ian was dead. There, Rachel stood over Ian’s body with a bloody knife in her hand. Rachel, the person I thought would complete my life, had completely destroyed it. She destroyed the one thing that ever gave me a unique feeling, the one person I ever had a connection with, was dead. I looked at her face and anger filled my head, it melted my mind and emotions. I charged at her and ripped the knife out of her hands, knocking her to the floor. I told her I wasn’t going to kill her. I said “Rachel, you don’t deserve to die, but you deserve to know you caused the death of a struggling teen and a successful one. You caused the death of what could have been a perfect relationship. You killed half the people I ever had a strong feeling towards, and I will not kill the other half. Instead, just know you caused the death of this family.” I threw the knife to myself in the air, grabbed it by the handle and drove it into my chest. The last thing I said was, “Rachel, you destroyed my life.” As my knees collapsed once again, a tear fell from my face as Rachel started to cry.


Flame Bait
I cried. I hope you find love in your life. For yourself, especially. Do anything it takes, while not hurting others, of course. Not that I suspect you would.

Do anything it takes. Dedicate yourself to finding love.
the real life girl depicted in teh story as "Rachel" read it and started crying, my sister read it and started crying, my ex read it and started crying, my brother read it and hasn't talked to me since :hm:


Zukas said:
the real life girl depicted in teh story as "Rachel" read it and started crying, my sister read it and started crying, my ex read it and started crying, my brother read it and hasn't talked to me since :hm:
Doesn't surprise me with the caliber that story had....